Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

It's the new year already ... 2011!!!  It seemed like a whole year had just flew by in a jiffy but on reflection, I realised that there's plenty I can be thankful for.

Here's a few random gratitudes on my list this week;

1. I'm so grateful that I've had a very growing year for 2010 ... kicking myself along to discard all the unwanted habits, attitudes and fears in order to enjoy personal growth.

2. I'm so grateful for the freedom I've been enjoying since my retirement, allowing me to do the things I like at my own pace, time and by own rules.

3. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that had manisfested after my retirement, providing me with a new set of goals in life.

4. I'm so grateful to have met and made all the new friends in my life as well as my friends from the blogosphere who has contributed value-added impacts on myself.

5.  I'm so grateful for my little family unit ... Lo Kong and Nick as well as the presence of all our close kins and our extended families.

6. I'm so grateful that my family is healthy and nurturing well.

Let's be thankful for a great year past and that 2011 will bring even greater happiness, joy and prosperity to each and everyone of us. God bless all!


2 Bubbles:

Happy New Year Wenny!!!

It was lovely meeting you online :) I look forward to reading more of your blog.


Thank you Ibyang. Enjoyed reading your blog. Cheers!