Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Bubble: Awaiting My Humble Abode!

Each time someone asks me about my new condominium, it is quite despairing whenever I tell them it will be ready only in 2013. It's also a reminder to me that I've got to stay put in my rented home for another 2 years.

Anyway, no matter how long I've got to wait, I've already got some ideas for my new humble abode. I've reminded ‘lo kong’ many times over that this will be our final resting place where we will grow old together. As such, he will have to be prepared as there will be no holds barred on the renovations .

The interior design will be in contemporary style from the living area to the kitchen, the bedrooms and bathrooms too. This time round, I will definitely go for my favorite granite countertops in the kitchen and marble furnishings for the bathrooms. As the buildup is only 900sf, there will be plenty of hidden built-ins for storage purposes. Warm lightings will create the additional welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Gosh, this is really putting my patience to the test!

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