Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Bubble: Starting My Online Store!

It has been almost 6 months now since I created my online store. I had intended to launch it in January 2011 but regretfully I had to put this on hold. Originally, it was because I still do not have sufficient items to be put on sale.

Now, I will be joining forces with my friend, Susan to come out with our very own handicrafts to make our online store more attractive. Our online store is aptly called "Trinkets Alley" which will be an outlet for anyone looking for unique collectors' items for their personal collections or as gifts and souveniours. I am still on the lookout for all these knick-knacks from among my friends. Anyone who has unwanted old souveniours will be welcomed to drop it off with me!

After reviewing my online store several times, I am also not too satisfied with the payment processing facility for my potential customers. Maybe I'm a tad too fussy but I feel if my online store can accept credit card, it would make a world of difference in terms of convenience for my potential customers.

I learned from an acquaintance who is running a food business in my neighborhood that an online set-up like mine should incorporate a credit card processing option to spur business. He highlighted several reputable merchant account providers with their added online security for both shoppers and merchants. In fact, after he had signed up for a restaurant merchant account recently, he is so happy that his business has been increasingly brisk.

Looking at his good example, I'd better not lose anymore time to sign up for a merchant account. Meanwhile, I'd better revamp my online store again to incorporate an option to accept credit card.

2 Bubbles:

Hi wenny :) my sister and I have been running an online shop for three years now, one of the most important factors to ensure success of such shops is online presence...if possible 24/7. :) but of course we all need to sleep...haha :)

I do agree with you. I am also kind of a insomniac, so I guess that's partially taken care of ... hahaha!