Monday, February 7, 2011

My Bubble: Uninspired By Boredom!

Today's the 5th day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It's the 5th day into the Chinese New Year celebration and most offices, retail outlets and eateries should be opened as usual today. Lo Kong's back to work and Nick's resuming classes at his college this afternoon. Thank God for the return of normalcy.

Though I had some work in hand to keep me occupied, nonetheless it has been such a boring five days break. To make matters worst, it was a hot weekend! If it was not for the fact that my washing machine has broken down, I would have continued to welcome the rainy days. Hot weather makes me lazy, bored and irritable. I feel like a drag!!!

Today's affirmation is "I will reach for the stars!" ... so far, still bored and uninspired. Where's the excitement that used to fuel my mind with inspirations and ideas???

Have you ever been so bored that you feel lifeless?

2 Bubbles:

Yes Wenny, boredom is making me feel lifeless too. Somehow I always find something to do that I love. if tghe weather is bad I take a book and spend a few hours reading, and if teh weather is good than i take my camera for a walk ;)

Thanks Tatiana for your advice. Appreciate it very much.