Friday, March 11, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Attract The Right Relationships

Parents, children, spouses, lovers, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, business associates and so forth. These are the examples of the human relationships that influence our daily existence beginning from the day we’re born up to the day when our time on earth is up. These are unique connections that come into being through a force of the universe that draws everyone into each other’s paths.

The Law of Attraction works on the fundamental principle that everyone is an energy form and that our thoughts are the frequencies that attracts similar energies into our lives. The vibrancy of our energies will continuously dictate the healthy and satisfying connections that affect our relationships with everyone around us. When relationships are distressed or dysfunctional, we will be less happy and less productive. On the other hand, when our relationships are progressive and fruitful, we will be healthy, lively and effective.

The saying that ‘birds of a feather flocks together’ is indeed an accurate description of what the Law of Attraction continually advocates. ‘Like attracts like’ and this means the state of our energies attracts similar energies. Studies have indicated that people are more likely to be attracted to counterparts who share similar attitudes, characteristics and life goals. Cheerful people have positive energies and like to be around cheerful people. However, it is not that negative people likes being around negative people but more so because of their negativity towards their surroundings that they are more likely to attract the same. Happy cheerful people instinctively avoid interactions with people and situations that are perceived to be unfavorable to their wellbeing and goals.

So, what type of relationships do we want in our lives?

The state of our relationships with the people we love and care or the people who are new in our lives rest in ourselves. It would be great it is can be as easy as turning on a light-switch to attract the beautiful relationships and black-out the ugly ones but nope, it isn’t so. As long we know what type of relationship we want, we have to put in some efforts. First and foremost, let’s start to free ourselves from our old limiting thought patterns that inhibit our progress. Our desired result may not be instantaneous but the journey will definitely bring a lot of relative results before we reach our goal.

“Man is a knot into which relationships are tied.” ~ Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry [Flight to Arras, 1942]

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