Friday, March 11, 2011

My Bubble: Am I OCD???

Sometimes I get very upset whenever Lo Kong decides to help put the laundry to wash. I know I should be appreciative but he always never ever remember to put certain clothes and stuffs into a laundry bag before throwing them into the washing machine.

Am I OCD? It sounds serious it scares me! Obsessive compulsive disorder …. it actually reminds me of ‘Neat Freak Monica Gellar’, that fictional character from the popular sitcom Friends. She has an obsessive personally and is practically the ‘Mother Hen’ that kept her friends together. Oh gosh! Luckily I am nowhere near her character. I’d be too overbearing, even to my own liking.

A slight digression but coming back to the laundry issue earlier, I do not believe I am OCD. I am not a cleanliness freak or anything like that but even doing the laundry does require certain steps and tricks. For example, I wouldn’t put the colored clothes with the whites into the wash nor would I wash everything at hot temperatures just in case they shrink. Likewise, there are some clothes that really need to be placed inside a laundry bag like bras, cotton T's and my Stephen Joseph quilted backpack. I am especially upset since my Stephen Joseph backpack is totally out of shape and the color is ruined. It looked so seasoned now. It holds a sentimental value since it was a Christmas gift from a favorite ex-employer. I could easily order another online but it wouldn’t be the same right?

Dearest Lo Kong, please don't do the laundry anymore. Thank you so much but I can do it myself. You could however turn on the switch for me whenever I ask though. I would rather you keep an eye over those Dallas landscaping contractors overhauling our garden at the moment.

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Observant Considerate and Delightful

Yeah better tell Lo Kong hands off the washing machine this is your dept..haha.

I dont like people to help me when im in the kitchen, If someone cut the vegetable wrongly, it will spoiled my mood.

I also dont like people to wash my cloth.Except for my mom. She is the best 'washing machine'.

Ur Lo Kong must be relieved. Lest 1 job for him to do :)