Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Bubble: Let's Unite To Keep MyBlogLog Alive!

It is such a heart-breaking news to hear that Yahoo! is closing down MyBlogLog effective 24 May 2011. I have a MyBlogLog account and I’m sure many of my blogfriends out there have one too. It had been where many of us had begun our blog-friendships and where we had spent countless hours building our network and rapport with one another.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! has not offered any alternative for us to salvage our efforts on and they do not seem to have any intention either. BlogCatalog had made a public offer to Yahoo! to save MyBlogLog. They remained silent. Why is it not acceptable? It makes no sense at all!

After so many years of contributing our efforts to keep their name known, looks like the returns to our investment is only to be left out in the cold. This is NOT FAIR!

Dear blogfriends, let’s unite and voice our discontent over this matter. Hopefully the formidable voices of all bloggers united may bring Yahoo! a change of heart. Grab this badge and let’s show our support for one other towards this cause.

Bloggers Unite For Good!

2 Bubbles:

Such a shame really as I have an account there too... They should have at least answered to BC on their offer! And Yahoo keeps cutting off everything that does not bring in enough ca$h. It makes me wonder how long Flickr will go on until Yahoo decides to cutt it off too :(

If this happens to Flickr, more people will be affected. This is really scary, Tatiana.