Friday, April 1, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Attract Things We Want With The Right Thoughts

The simple understanding about the law of attraction is that we bring forth our life experiences through our thoughts and emotions. In short, we manifest the things that we think and feel strongly about. Irrespective you are believer or otherwise, we are all experiencing the workings of this universal law right now.

Many people reject the fundamentals of this law. The general consensus is that no one in their right frame of mind would think of being in debt, sick, homeless or in an unhappy relationship. No one would ever want to inflict on themselves with so much pain or troubles. We all look forward to being happy, to be in a harmonious relationship, to be wealthy and we definitely want to be healthy.

Yes, almost everyone thinks of the positive things they want all the time. However, within the sublimal consciousness of our mind, there are constant fears that are predominant. These predominant fears create our anxiety, anger, disappointment, frustration and even competition. It is these predominant fears that throw our thoughts out of control and inevitably create the environment we do not want. At the very least, they are the stumbling blocks to our wants. When our strongest thought is worry, we will face conditions that have cause for concern or when our strongest thought is of pain, then our reality is a condition of feeling unwell. Imagine when our strongest thought is conflict, we will face a reality where arguments thrive.

In order for the law of attraction to work to our benefits, we have to condition our sublimal consciousness to remove the fears and doubts. This may be easy said than done as some of these fears may have been very deep seeded from as far back as when we were a child. Establishing and understanding our innermost fears and doubts are only part of the initial steps to help change the way we think.

If we are experiencing the things that we do not want now, it must be due to a thought or a series of thoughts that are conflicting with our beliefs. We need to discover that deep seeded fear or doubt that is troubling our thought and turn it over in order to change our reality to the way we want it to be.

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"Irrespective you are believer or otherwise, we are all experiencing the workings of this universal law right now."

But only the Believers accept that.

Non-believers refer to the bad things happening in their life as a spate of bad luck. The good things are from the efforts of their hard work. But where does the bad luck and hard work thoughts come from?

Without the thought to desire success, where would the thoughts of putting action in motion come about? Where would the fearlessness to grab opportunities derived from?

It takes time but surely to make believers out of non-believers. Cheers!

Wonderful post and you have pointed out some real life problem, one thing I am very sure that pain is the cause for being unwell and worry brings all kind of unwanted situation. To bring something good we must feed our subconscious with positive thoughts!

Yes, we should dear. No point worrying but look forward to the good side and focus for the best!