Friday, April 29, 2011

Law Of Attraction: In Harmony With Our Natural Color

Two years’ ago, I had written about the effect of color therapy on our visualizations and manifestations. We now know that focusing on a specific color can change the frequency of the energy that emanates from within us. Color being a source of light, it can be used to heal the negative feelings and thoughts that are blocking our desired manifestations.

Color is all around us throughout the day. It travels to our eyes the very same way music travels to our ears. What we see has an instant effect on our feelings and thoughts as much as what we hear too. When we hear a song with all the many instruments and vocals in perfect harmony, it pleases our feelings and thoughts. Likewise, it is also true with appearances. Our perception of another person can be easily changed depending on the reflections of the colors that adorned him or her. Looking at the person whose colors are not in harmony with his/her natural skin tone can create some discord. The disharmony of colors may not necessarily draw attention away but it does risk the occurrence of negative thoughts and feelings in us. Unintentionally, our reactions rebounded along with our subtle resentment and rejection to cast the person into a negative state of mind.

Colors that are in harmony with our natural skin tone create radiance, warmth, pleasure and friendliness. In order words, it motivates a pleasant attraction. Colors that are in harmony could smoothen out the blemishes, add the sparkle in our eyes, camouflage the fine lines and botches or even hide the extra inches around the waist and arms. It creates a liveliness that receives acceptance from the people around us and directly enhances our own state of mind. Acceptance builds confidence!

Nature has given us our hair color, eye color and our skin tone in perfect harmony. The other colors that we select to adorn ourselves like our clothes, cosmetics and the accessories can either heighten that harmony or create disharmony. Bear in mind that our favorite color may not necessarily mean it is the best color to suit us.

We should establish a whole range of colors that harmonizes with our natural color in order to enhance our self-confidence. When we are self-confident, we feel great. This is one of the important elements to help us tap into the power of the law of attraction.

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