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Law Of Attraction: Where Are YOU At Right NOW?

You have probably heard of the 'Law of Attraction' by now right? If you have not, then where have you been for the last two years? A good place to start is by going to youtube and keying it in - there are some great videos on there (and some not so great) and I particularly reccoment Abraham Hicks as being the big guys in this field.

Of course, before you bugger off to do that, I want you to take a wee moment to read this article written be ME!

In a nutshell, the law of attraction states that 'what you focus on grows' and your thoughts go into your mind and then down into your subconscious and this in turn drives you - a little like a sat nav. Your thoughts generate feelings - and feelings set your personal energy field to a unique setting. Are you following me here? I'm kinda speeding you through on a crash course in the LOA!

Your frequency, your personal energy then activates the law of attraction. Which means that what you think, what you feel, you attract more of it right back to you!

You are literally like a human magnet, and so make sure that your thoughts are geared towards attracting the life that you truly desire. It's a slap in the face when you first hear this next line, but the sad fact is, that you are exactly where you are at in life, because you got yourself there. Your thoughts created your reality - and they continue to do so!

Focus on what you DO want more of, rather than what you'd like to get rid of as the LOA does not hear your want/do not want - it just delivers whatever it is that you are thinking about. And so the best way to go about changing your mindset, is to imagine that you already have the things, the person, the life that you want - visualise, meditate, imagine it's there already. feel it, touch it, smell it.... drink it in. And then as you feel the joy of this experience, the law of attraction will pick up on it and run with it !! Of course, this does not happen instantaneously, and so you will need to adopt this new way of thinking and make it a daily part of your routine..

Be proactive - take the power back.

Only YOU can make real changes in YOUR life, and it is your choice as to whether or not you do this.

But the moment, the power and beauty of this moment, is that it is a new chance, a new start, and whatever you were thinking a second ago, you can literally press the pause button on that thought process and begin a new one.

That's the trick to remaining focused in the moment - you almost have to become an observer of your thoughts, and notice when you are off kilter. As soon as you feel yourself slipping back into a negative thought pattern, snap yourself out of it, and guide yourself back into your positive zone. It takes practise, so don't expect it to just come easy, or give up at the first hurdle. Change requires real effort, and that is something that a lot of people just don't get. They expect it to come easy, and when it doesn't, write it off and say 'pah, what a load of poppycock!'.

I recommend wearing a regular elastic band around your wrist, but not one that is too tight, as I don't want to be held responsible for you cutting off your circulation! And every time you feel yourself drifting off into the negative zone, snap the band hard, to pull yourself back into the moment. It serves as a trigger, a gentle reminder... in NLP we would call it an 'anchor'. i.e an action that is linked in your mind to serving a particular purpose. This then reminds your subconscious of what you want it to drink in/absorb.

Just make small changes to begin with. Post a note somewhere that you can see it daily and remind yourself of 'the power and beauty of the moment'. Write that very sentence and keep it on you at all times. It too will serve as an anchor, to pull you back into the present.

You see, all you have to do, as a first step, is just get used to reminding yourself of the power and beauty of the present moment, and that's it ! It doesn't have to be complicated by thoughts and philosophy. Once you are focused in the moment, you can then just try and keep your mind as clear as possible and just 'be'.

Go with the 'flow', or as teachers of LOA would say, 'remain connected to source energy'. When you are in that moment, when all is crystal clear - that is when you are conneted to the present, and that is when you are at your most powerful.

YOU can create the minute, hour, day, week, month, year, LIFE that you desire.

So what's stopping you?

Where are YOU at right now?

Authored by Angela Butler, an author and writer in UK, specialising in women's issues and the law of attraction. Catch her book 'Unleash Your Inner Goddess - from Victim to Vixen in 21 days and beyond' that's really the secret for women. Ali Campbell labels it 'every woman's secret weapon'.... you can find out more by going to and join the 'Goddess Circle' for regular updates, advice, and to be included in the Monday Healing Circle.

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Thanks Pat! But this article is actually written by a talented author, Angela Butler. I shared this because it reminded me of what I needed to do to keep myself on track.