Monday, April 4, 2011

My Bubble: 3 Birthday Cakes!

Let's say it's your birthday today! If you received 3 birthday presents, you wouldn't be on top of the world but I bet you'll be pretty happy, right???

How sad would you be, if there's no presents except for this so called cake ...

Only a Kenny Roger's muffin for my birthday?
Birthday Song #1 ...

Or imagine you've got no presents but received this, it's not even a cake ...

What?  Brownie & Ice Cream for my birthday??
Birthday Song #2 ...

Or you only received this cake for your birthday ... A Durian Cake, definitely yum yum!

Ahhh ... this is more like it!
Birthday Song #3 ...

Cough cough cough ... after singing the Birthday Song 3 times!
On the other hand, would you flip if you're sung your birthday song 3 times with 3 different birthday cakes concurrently in one night?

Hope it is one of the most memorable one for you.

2 Bubbles:

haha, more durian!!! That cake must have been very special.

For the birthday boy, that cake is not only special but extra special!