Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Bubble: Leave Baseball To The Americans ...

Facing a writer's block earlier today, I was just bumming around the internet looking for interesting stuffs to read and generate some ideas for my ghostwriting assignments. I have one more article to go but my brain juice seemed to have dried up. ZILCH!!!

Frankly, I still have not found any brilliant ideas for my article but I stumbled on a piece of news about baseball. I never knew that my country was ever into baseball and even more unbelievable is that baseball is one of the competed sports in the biennial SEA Games. It was reported that Malaysia will be sending a baseball contingent to the 26th SEA Games in November 2011.

WoW, certainly never heard of any baseball league locally unlike in the US and Canada. It has such a huge following over there that you can easily buy tickets online to watch every game being played every day. You can find the New York Mets Tickets to see them play against Washington Nationals tomorrow, or perhaps the Philadelphia Phillies Tickets to see them play against the New York Mets. They practically live and breathe baseball 24/7 and the ticket selections are endless going by the respective teams and dates. Depending on which favorite team's playing, theirs fans can easily order the Pittsburgh Pirates Tickets, the San Diego Padres Tickets or the San Francisco Giants Tickets online at the comfort of their home, complete the transaction by credit card and it will be delivered to them by Fedex.

The most popular local sport at the moment is badminton but it still fails by an enormous gap in comparison to the popularity and ticket demand for baseball in the US.  I wonder how Malaysian baseball is going to fare in comparison even ten years from now?  Don't they know there are sports that are just not meant for us?

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LOL. I enjoyed badminton in my backyard, playing against the neighbors. But I've nver heard of a competitive league or paying to watch.

I follow the professional baseball games--especially Washington. =)
But the players make so much money that I don't enjoy it as much as I did as a kid. If I decide to see a game in person, I watch a minor league game--where the players are still relatively "pure".