Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Bubble: A Little Blog Housekeeping ...

Amusingly, I had Lo Kong wake me before he left for the office this morning so that I could go for my free breakfast at McDonalds. It was a FREE sausage McMuffin with egg. Unfortunately, Nick couldn't accompany me since he had already promised to join a friend for Klang Bak Kut Teh.

I just don't get what got over me today. Next, after getting a few articles written out of the way, I literally spent the next 4 hours cleaning up my blog! You can say it was more like housekeeping. Regretfully though, this housekeeping was at the expense of the over-due housekeeping for my home ... tsk tsk tsk!!!

Anyway, my blog has since slipped in as my virtual office where I not only continue to share my thoughts and grievances but where I get to earn a few ringgits as pocket money with my 2-cents worth of creativity. Peanuts for incentives I guess but it surely beats the 20-over years of rush to work in the peak-hour traffic woes to only spent the next 12 hours tolerating some gloating boss.

Like any workstation, conventional or virtual, housekeeping is important. Not only does it improve the overall appearance but it's becomes a little corner to take pride in. Housekeeping my blog is also important to ensure that all my links are error-free, money-making ads are in place and any unused stuffs are taken out of the way.

I just hope a little housekeeping along the way will help my readers to enjoy a speedier navigation around my blog. Cheers!!!

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