Friday, April 29, 2011

My Bubble: The Royal Wedding Of The Century

On 29 July 1981, as an 18-year-old, I sat in front of the TV watching the ceremonial splendour of the wedding of Lady Diana to HRH Prince Charles. It was the Royal Wedding of the century ... the 20th Century then.

Today, 30 years on and once again I am glued in front of TV watching yet another Royal Wedding of the 21st century ... the marriage of HRH Prince William to the girl of his choice, Kate Middleton. The couple have now been given the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark their wedding today. It was so befitting that the last Duke of Cambridge had also married a commoner love just like Prince William.

Prince William looked so dashing in the red tunic of the Irish Guards while his bride looked stunningly classic and beautiful in her highly guarded designer wedding gown. It was alike a magical fairy-tale wedding that was celebrated all over the world with full media coverage. This marriage is expected to open another new chapter in the history of the British monarchy just as his parents' marriage did in the last century.

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