Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 Bubbles:

This is excellent, Wenny.

It's interesting how we can feel life we're alone, but really we never are.

Thanks Rick. Glad you liked it.

It's funny to think how we can be alone and then at the same time we're not. But ultimately we came here alone, we will leave here on our own. But at least we know we've left impressions all the way.

I'm not really a poem person because I feel sad if I don't get it least I get to bring home something though from all those that I've this one, for instance...leaving footprints in the sand. I just love the thought of having done something and your life being an inspiration in some way for others :)

Hi Roma, each and every one of us have a reason to be here. Let's leave good memories and deeds to live up to that reason.