Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poetry: My World

Poetry by:
Michelle Strattis

My future is coming alive
All tomorrow's will be mine
It's just around the corner
Just a pause in time

I see into the days ahead
And what I want for me
I see smiles and happiness
All the love I want there to be

A house is not a home
Unless with love it stands
And I would not be full
Without the love of man

A yard is just a yard
But with pretty flowers to grow
It makes the sight so colorful
It makes you proud, you know

And alone we cannot be
For two together as one
Is what "GOD" wanted, you see
Hand in Hand with love

So come with me to my world
It's a world of goodness and care
Come with me, I'll take you
Never hurt, only love, will be there


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