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Law Of Attraction: Color Therapy To Sharpen Your Visualization

The law of attraction is all about desire, intent, visualizing, expect and finally the most important aspect is allowing things to come to you. Many hold the mistaken premise that the law of attraction is merely to think of what you want and you will immediately attract it into your life. Most of the time, this misconception leads to nothing happening and for this people, law of attraction soon bites the dusts.

Yes, the law of attraction states that what you think about consistently and carrying it with a strong emotional attachment will lead to manifestation. The emotions could be good or it could be bad ones too but as far as the law of attraction is concerned, it does not care! You will most likely receive it in the end. So to get it right the first time with this law of the universe is to understand that prominent awareness must be coupled with the appropriate feeling.

Your feelings play a major role in allowing the law of attraction to work for you. It works hand in hand with your thoughts. When your thoughts are clouded, your feelings will be blocked and there’s no allowing anything you desire to happen. How then can you begin to clear the clouds in your mind?

You can redress your emotional balance and bring it back into alignment and harmony with your thoughts through color therapy. Color is a natural element that comes from the purest healing force in the universe, light. Pure white sunlight gives life to every living thing while its colors provide the nutritive effect and energize. Colors can stimulate your mental activities and place a profound effect on your feelings and thoughts. It can calm and relax or it can swing your moods onto the far side. Try observing the rainbow, one of earth’s most spectacular light display and see how its colors affect you.

Color therapists use the seven colors of the rainbow in their color therapy. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and white. Each color is connected to the various part of your body and affects you differently.

Red is a healing color that provides power from the earth and gives you energy. It encourages grounding and purpose as it unblocks all your tension to promote courage and self-confidence.

Orange is a zestful color of creativity and sensuality. It stimulates your emotions to bring joy and a zest for life. It connects you to your senses and removes your inhibitions to make you happy, sociable and resourceful.

Yellow is a vibrant color that powerfully cleanses and is transforming. Its gives clarity of thought to increase awareness and stimulates interests and curiosity. It energy brings back the fullness of life.

Green helps to relax the muscles, nerves and thoughts. Capture the beautifully healing emerald green for clarity and wisdom. This pure green connects you to unconditional love and promotes restoration of calm and serenity.

Blue is the color of clarity and truth that cleanses and revitalizes. Use the vibrant turquoise blue to balance your voice of communication and expression to enhance your affection and loyalty. Blue has a good pacifying effect on your nervous system that goes into promoting good health.

Indigo represent the color of deep spiritual healing and transformation. It promotes a connection with the divine to enhance spiritual enlightenment. The brilliant indigo violet increases your intuition and strengthens your search for the truth.

White in its purest is cleansing and purifying. It gives warmth and has the strongest effect on your area of highest consciousness, the centre of your manifestations. White strengthens and nurturing while it awakens your creativity. It stabilizes your energy system to allow your desires to come to you.

You can perform your own color healing at home using this simple breathing exercise. It can help to make you more centered, balanced and feeling alive. To start, find a quiet corner in your home away from any disruptions or distractions. You can lie down or if you prefer to sit, ensure that you are comfortable with the right posture, the spine straight and shoulder relaxed.

1. Close your eyes and clear as much from your mind as possible. Start to take a deep breath in and slowly breath out, trying to keep focus on your breathing.

2. Breath in again and then out and repeat several times, keeping your focus on your breathing all the time until you feel a sense of peace and tranquility beginning to envelop you.

3. Repeat the breathing until you feel a deep sense of calm as your body relaxes more and more.

4. As you continue breathing in and out, try to bring your focus on one of the colors. You can begin with red. Focus on the vibrant color in your mind as you slowly breath in and as you breath out, release some tension and blockages. Repeat this until you feel grounded and purposeful.

5. Rest a minutes as you enjoy the renewed energy that is slowly taking over you before you start your focus on the other colors.

Color therapy is non-invasive and is totally holistic. It can be made to be a part of your everyday life to fully enjoy the benefits of the colors in your life. Remember, you hold the capacity to make the law of attraction works for you.

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Interesting post. Just posted two entries on colors as well, problem is Bananaz got CVD so how to actually visualize the color? tQ

Hi Bananaz, not many people are aware about color vision deficiencies and I must admit I am included. However the severity of your CVD, I am sure you have found the ways to compensate the difficulties to distinguish colors and live life to the fullest.

The color therapy here is using the mind picture of colors and not physically through the eyes. I do not know if you can create a mind picture of red and green, I certainly hope this note can help you somehow.