Monday, May 23, 2011

My Bubble: My Son Turns 20!


Celebrate and chow-down at Maiu Japanese Restaurant
in Kota Damansara

4 Bubbles:

Wow, he's still so young! Based on some of your comments about him growing up and being more responsible, I thought he was older.

Happy Birthday to him!!! =)

Well, he's out of his teens now and in another year, he'll be having his voting rights in his hands ... I'm getting old :=(

your son is 20. holy cow but i seriously cant imagine you being another to a 20 year old.

cheers to not looking your age!

I can't run away from the fact but compliments like yours certainly make it worth my while pounding the tar and hitting the gym. Thank you so much Evelyn, you just lit a wide smile on my face!