Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Bubble: Once A Year Affair ...

Just when I thought I'd put my legs to the test running the tar ... I'm now back to square one!

It's been almost 6 months since I've ran on the tar road to burn the calories, control the blood glucose and to keep the bad cholesterol at bay. The long halt had been due to a mistaken choice when buying my running shoes. I did the unthinkable despite lo kong's discouragement and bought not one but 2 pairs of Adizero ... racer shoes that do not have sufficient cushioning for my heavy body. Long story short, I've been suffering from a strained plantar fascia and peroneus longus tendonitis since.

After months of stretching exercises on the affected area as well as keeping my fitness level in control at the gym, I'd been itching to run on the road again ... more so for the fact that it burns more calories than most of the other exercises I've been doing. With a spur of the moment decision encouraged by the tempting cloudy evening, I put on my reasonably new Reebok Zigtech and hit the road again at 7.00pm.

Armed with a history of falling once every year while running, I'd been extremely careful while keeping a sharp eye on anything that litters the road. After running 5km in 35 minutes and on approaching home, I guess I've let down my guard all too soon. I missed a fallen fruit the size of a pingpong ball from a neighbor's tree and fell flat on the road. Thank God there was no passing car then.

Now I'm down again with a scraped elbow, palms and knees plus a badly swollen ankle. To top it up, I lost a gold bell from my bracelet during the fall too! Looking at the current price of gold today, that bell is easily worth RM145.00.

Geez, if my late Mom is still around, she'd probably said "bak tiah ko liao lui" which literally meant already suffer pain in the flesh and still had to lose money!

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oh my goshhy Wenny!! be extra sorry to learn that... :(

thanks Amelia. looks like we've lost touch for quite some time now ... i see your blog has undergone a tremendous change.