Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Extracted from Beth & Lee's Blog: "Whenever you stop and thank the Universe for anything that comes into your life, the Universe will bring more of the same vibration to you. Giving thanks comes from the heart. The direct connection of gratefulness creates an opening of your heart. Your heart is the path to the inner you. It is what connects the physical world to the spiritual world."

Another week passes and it is time again for my random list of gratitudes;

1.  I am grateful for the uplifting thoughts that the Lord plants in my mind each day.
2.  I am grateful for the wonderful abundance that I am enjoying Now.
3.  I am grateful that my son who just celebrated his 20th birthday is growing into a fine young adult.
4. I am grateful for the exciting new adventures that are planned for the coming months.
5.  I am so grateful that I am RETIRED!

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