Thursday, June 23, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Don’t Let Our Imaginations Go To Waste

According to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

So how are we treating our imaginations? Many of us accept imagination as some sort of personal entertainment, something that does not warrant seriousness. Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong to think that way. However, the downside of it is that we are letting all those imaginations, no matter how trivial or impossible it may seem to go to waste.

Everyone is born with the gift of imagination, the ability to create mental images, scenes, objects or events that do not exist at the present moment, past or future. Everyone uses it in their daily life whether consciously or otherwise. Some are a bit more creative than others but nonetheless, it allows all of us to experience a favored life inside our mind.

Again, many may not have realized that imagination does have an important role in the law of attraction. We need the help of our imagination to visualize the opportunities that we want to attract into our life. This creative power opens the door to limitless possibilities that awaits us because in accordance with the workings of the law of attraction, what we imagine with a strong belief and feelings will come into being.

Although imagination allows us to create a past, present or future that’s vivid and real, let’s not be confused between imagination and what some non-believers of the law of attraction may accused us of doing which is daydreaming. They may work in similar ways but there’s a big difference between the two. Just as imagination does, daydreaming can deliver the emotional satisfaction but as they are just temporary satisfaction, they become wishful thinking that is not really connected to our real desires. We are not focused and we do not take the thoughts seriously. These thoughts subsequently drifts away to be replaced by other wishful thoughts later.

Instead when we control our imagination and use it efficiently with the law of attraction, we become focused and passionate about our desires. We become connected with them and are prepared to embrace the changes and challenges that accompany the manifested opportunities along the way. We feel strongly and have faith in our imagination to willingly invest in all the necessary efforts to bring our imagination of our future into being. This is where the inspired actions take over.

Controlling our imagination would mean that we should think only in the positive manner about what we want in the future or our immediate future. We do not want to attract situations, events or people that we least desire into our life by letting negative thoughts to invade our imaginations. Lacking an understanding of the real power of our imagination will be an unfortunate waste of our God-given capability. Learning to use it correctly and putting it to practice with the law of attraction will help to bring clarity in our focus and will certainly draw us nearer to our real desires, not to mention happiness and a personal satisfaction.

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,,,or run away with us. I have, at times, prepared myself to deal with things that were very unlikely to happen. I went with the better safe than sorry approach, but wasted a lot of energy.

I hope not to offend but I'm afraid I have to say that when you approach the situation or matter with a lack of your faith to succeed, it will definitely waste a lot of effort and energy.

Not offended, but not sure I understand either. I often look ahead, consider possible actions, reactions and outcomes--to be prepared so that I have a better chance of achieving the outcome I want. What I meant before is that I spend time and energy preparing to face the worst, but the worst almost never happens--I wonder if all the preparation was worth it.

But then one Halloween night I walk around a corner to find a man pointing a gun at kids and I'm glad I prepare for the worst. =)

Sometimes there are things we can't avoid because the Universe works to coordinate all the differing vibes from everyone. It's good to be prepared for the worst but let's not be overly restricted by it to paralyze ourselves ... this is called fear. Let's try to live and enjoy the moments of our life. We can begin by imagining reasonably how best we want our future to be.


Fear is irrelevant, no excuse for not doing what's needed--at least that's what my dad taught. Someday I need to share a story about how my oldest brother lost our dad's respect for good.

PS - But yes, enjoy the moments. =)