Thursday, June 9, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Let’s Breakout From Our Dream World!

The ancient Toltec society advocates that mankind lives in a world of dreams. Every one of us live our very own personal dream and together with everyone else, our collective dreams then create a bigger dream that the Toltecs called “the dream of the planet”. When I first read about the dream of the planet as described by Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The Four Agreements”, I immediately likened this dream-state world to The Matrix, the 1999 science fiction-action movie that starred the hunky Keanu Reeves.

The dream of the planet is the reality that we are living in each day where we are domesticated just like how we domesticate our pets. We are trained to evolve in a pre-designed mindset carried on through generations, from our forefathers to our fathers and then to us. We are mentally and physically conditioned and judged by pre-set rules and expectations by our parents, mates, kins, employers and even our peers in order preserve our evolution. This was initially a bit far-fetched for me to accept.

However, as I engaged myself into their explanation, I begin to realize the similarity of the Toltecs’ conviction actually meets the beliefs of the law of attraction. The Toltecs believe that everything in our world whether material or ethereal are energies governed by the Universe. We need courage to break ourselves out of this dream … a dream where we are suppressed from our true potential due to pre-existing agreements we have entered into at birth which is not by our own choice.

The Four Agreements is all about replacing these agreements that will bring us out of the dream state to live in a new reality where we live as our true self … where we are able to thinking and decide what is right and wrong for us , where we are responsible for our own happiness. It is a good read and a delivery of the cosmic law of attraction explained from a different angle.

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