Thursday, June 16, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Narrow Our Focus For Effective Control

The law of attraction is at work all the time and rules our daily life as we attract everything that we are experiencing day in day out. In order to understand the true workings of this law, we must first realize that we do not or better said, we cannot control how the Universe orchestrate and deliver our experiences. However, it is a relief to know that we do have the control to manage and direct our energy through our intentions and thoughts to influence the type of experiences coming from the Universe.

In order to direct the law of attraction to work in our favor, it is vitally important to coordinate our intentions, thoughts and energies with clarity of mind. We must have a clear picture of what we want to create and experience in our life. One of the tools of the law of attraction is the vision board. It allows us a constant focus for our thoughts and creates the mental pictures in our mind. These mental pictures are helpful in elevating our belief in our intentions and boost our emotions. This in turn charges up our energy positively as we place our personal order to the Universe.

The key to the law of attraction is that we attract what we focus most of our energy on most of the time. However, sometimes we might just bite off more than we can chew. We have too many intentions and ended up confusing our thoughts and energy. We are not able to focus effectively and efficiently. After the longest time, what we want doesn’t seem to appear and we claim that the law of attraction doesn’t work!

Work patiently … Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have to minimize the items in our mental pictures to narrow our focus. It will be more manageable and we will be able to concentrate more energy on them.

Ensuring that the law of attraction works for us is pretty much like planting a garden. We need to decide what kind of garden and plants we want before we start planting. Too often, we get excited and plant far too many types that resulted in over-crowding as well as high maintenance. It is important to note that we can expand as we learn. After we have planted the seeds, the garden will require our constant attention and nurturing to grow in order to achieve our desired garden.

Likewise, the law of attraction requires the same kind of planning, attention and nurturing in order to manifest our desired experiences. We must be able to nurture each intention by focusing on them with a lot of our least divided time and energy including all the necessary actions to weed out any negative influences that challenge us as we reprogram ourselves and our thoughts. We are only human and are subject to ups and downs. Our constant focus helps us to be more alert to these challenges and react accordingly.

Working with the law of attraction is not about waiting passively for things to happen. Resting on our laurels and waiting for the magic to happen is just impossible for the Universe to deliver to us what we want. It requires commitment, perseverance and actions. Being focused drives us to be more committed and control our efforts positively as we transform the way we think, feel and act. These enhancements in us will subsequently turn us into a human magnet to attract what our mental pictures into reality.

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