Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Bubble: Have I Come To The End Of The Road?

I am so grateful that my blog has been growing steadily. The page views have slowly but surely ballooned to almost 40000 hits today ... something I had never imagined at the time I wrote my first blog post in 2008.

Anyhow, my page rank still sits at PR3. I just don't know what I have not done enough. I am still picking up tips and learning the curves from some webhosting news I received regularly. Hopefully they can help bring my blog to the next level.

I have often read that it is a far better advantage to get my blog onto those self-hosting platforms rather than to remain on a 3rd-party publishing platform. No doubt, 3rd-party hosting is free and fairly straight-forward, undeniably I know my blog is merely borrowing space on their server. Most alarming to me is that after all the efforts I’ve put into my blog, they actually have ownership over it and I don’t know how long before I will outlive the welcome on their server.

I am really worried since I’ve been facing problem updating my blog the whole morning. I kept getting this error message “BAD REQUEST ERROR 400”. I’ve cleared my cookies and caches and restarted both my computer and modem several times. Yet, the error still prevails.

Is it time that I consider signing up for a self-hosting platform? I am still very undecided and hope this “BAD REQUEST ERROR 400” message does not mean that I have come to the end of my road on their server.

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