Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Bubble: Have Trigger Finger Will Travel!

The last time I wrote about my trigger finger, I just had a steroid jab to my middle-finger. It was in October last year and by now I have certainly surpassed the 6-months relapse possibility.

Unfortunately ... unfortunately ... unfortunately, I've got the trigger finger again but this time round it is on my ring-finger.  Geez ... it travels!  I know the specialist's going to advise me to stave-off my comp or stay off the mouse.  How can?!!!

I am addicted to the internet ... blogging, twittering, facebooking and googling.  I don't think I'd survive a day without the comp, just as I can't survive the day without my cuppa sugar-free white coffee.  This is my world and it is pretty exciting with what you find online over the net ... the news, the knowledge, the inspiration and the new people you meet.

It is funny come to think of it ... the human body is so much like that of a car.  As it depreciates over the years, no matter how much we take care of its body ... the washes, the polishing or even the repaint job ... internally the parts still wears off.

My schoolmates are planning for a bash to celebrate our "Big-Five-O" in about one-and-a-half years' time (oh yes, I am that old) and I loved to share this funny take on aging from one of the gals ...

@Lilian Chong:  "Hi why are you talking about the BIG 5 - I haven't aged since I hit 40.....you know the 18 - 22 concept...well when I reach 41, I automatically become 18 and stayed 18 for next 10 years or so like I am living in Planet Pluto or something so I guess I will hit 50 in next few hundred years or so.....sigh sigh...this is what we call...DENIAL....sigh.....I feel old when I walk up the stairs and my knees start to sound "creak" really "creak" up the stairs!!"

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