Monday, June 20, 2011

My Bubble: Women Are Condemning Their Own Kind

I would like to try and keep my bubbles in the positive mode at most time but sometimes when you read about the going-ons in your neighborhood, community or country, you just can’t help but spit fire from your mouth!

There have been much said that women are their very own worst enemy but of late, the controversial Obedient Wives Club that was set up by a group of overzealous women just takes the cake. After so much had been fought for women to have equal rights and fairness from the men, this club just blasted the fight more than a century into the past. And worst, they equate themselves and all married women to a first-class prostitute!

Wow! In the first place, how do they know what defines a first-class prostitute? I am curious.

The laughable plot of this controversial club is that their members are mostly wives in polygamous marriages and yet they dare admonish other women about keeping their husbands from straying. Mind you, these are not women who lives in a cave but well-educated not locally but overseas. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to think that our government would probably have sponsored them to study abroad in the first place. Another waste of tax-payers’ hard-earned money!

What has gone wrong in the minds of these women? Are they trying to legitimatize their own desires to be prostitutes and a high-class one at that, by hiding behind the facade of the so-called ‘obedient wives’ club?

Married men will stray and married women will stray too! So, if we are going to confine that all these infidelities happened only because of insatiable sex in a marriage, then should there be an ‘Obedient Hubbies Club’? Should the men become a first-class Gigolo to ensure their wives do not stray?

Is this what the marriage institution is made of?

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