Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Bubbles ...

*Allow Your Own Inner Light to Guide You*

There comes a time when you must stand alone.

You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams.

You must be willing to make sacrifices.

You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.

Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.

There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities.

Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better.

Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by.

Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life.

Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way.

3 Bubbles:

That strength comes from inside. It can be scary sometimes when we have to go that deep.
Each time it gets a little easier to go inside and to be yourself, to be true to who you are.

Thank you for the gentle reminders, it comes at a significant time.

I love this post--it's great advice.