Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Parenting Is No Exception!

It is a joyous occasion for every parent to bring a child into the world. Whether it is knowingly or otherwise, the law of attraction was at work when their desire to cradle a little bundle of joy in their arms became a reality.

The wonderful experience of a new addition to the family comes with an endless list of responsibilities that you will have to bear to keep your child nurtured, safe and protected. Being a parent is a full-time commitment and there are no hard and fast rules to being the perfect parent. Stepping into the shoes of a parent automatically default you as the role model for your child. However, it is undeniably true that there are many parents who feel inadequate about their ability to lead their children. They developed fears that their children will experience the same sort of difficulties they have had. They worry about their children’s survival in the ever growing competitive world of today. They are anxious over their children’s safety and some even harbor the guilt of not being able to spend the most quality time with their children due to work commitments and their own pursuits for personal success. These are perfectly understandable reactions from most parents.

In this regard, how does the law of attraction fit into the picture? How can it have any bearing over your way of parenting?

If you have an understanding for the law of attraction, you will already know that it can be applicable to anything that you want to experience in your life. Parenting is no exception. You know you want to give your child the best start in life and as a parent’s love knows no bounds, you will strived to educate, protect, motivate and facilitate your child’s development towards independence. You also know that it will be in the least interest of your child if you focus on those things that you do not want for him or her. Harboring those fears breed emotional confusion that generally expects the worst outcome to happen. It disrupts your rational thinking to make the right decisions towards your child’s future development.

The simple solution that the law of attraction can offer you is to help you regain the control over your emotions and allow you to stay positively connected with your child throughout his or her growing years. Regaining an emotional balance, you can decide what you want to think and how you want to react that will lead to the positive outcomes for your child.

As a parent you are entitled to a stamp of authority which you should not be afraid to use wisely. Sometimes it renders you unpopular to your child but remember your love is your essence. You need to do what you have to do as a parent without fear of the repercussions. If your child does something against what you have taught, you must show him or her that it is not acceptable while you are forgiving and still love him or her no less. Communication is the key here and letting them know why certain things may not be acceptable is important.

As your child grows to be more independent, allow him or her a little more freedom to experience life and guide your child along the concept of the law of attraction. Show your child how it is working in his or her life at the moment. It will help to encourage your child to model himself or herself after you, the strong and loving parent who applies and enjoys many positive benefits through the law of attraction.

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