Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Bubble: Another Great Idea For My Online Store

I have been scratching my head for a few days now. I've received a new assignment to write a review on some promotional products and I've been really stuck at how to go about doing my assignment.  It was really frustrating as my deadline is drawing near.

Well, no point pushing myself to the edge if the ideas are not dropping in anyhow. So instead of loafing around the house, I decided to go shopping with lo kong.  He needed to get some new working shirts as well as a wind-breaker for our coming trip to New Zealand.  Walk shop walk shop and walk again and the shop ... my feet's really killing me right now.  Come to think about it, it's actually been a long while since we've gone shopping locally unless necessary. We've been doing most of our shopping in HongKong and Singapore of late.

Anyway, while shopping I received a call from Citylink courier service.  Their delivery van is right in-front of my house and I am not even near my neighborhood. What a timing!

My cousin had used my home address to order some personalized food gifts for her office event but we had not been expecting its delivery until tomorrow. Moreover, it is Sunday today. Thankfully, the uncle living next door was around and accepted the package on my behalf.

With my cousin’s permission, I immediately opened the package upon my return just now. The personalized candy jars were see-through tall plastic tubes filled with mixed-colored chocolate littles with screwed-on silver caps. Her company’s logo is rested right on the centre of the tube and made the jars looked expensive. Maybe these personalized gifts items can be considered for my online store that don't seem to get off the ground yet.

2 Bubbles:

I need work shirts too, but I think I' going to have to place a custom order. I used to be able to find shirts in my neck size, but not lately--and I need replacements!

The candy sounds like a good idea.

Hey Rick, custom order shirts are better actually. You get to choose a better quality material and add your initials to the shirt. Personal signature sort. Happy holidays!