Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Practicing Gratitude
© 2007 Corinne McLaughlin

As we approach Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., we remember again the importance of gratitude.  But giving thanks is something we can do daily—not just on a special day. As it’s said, “An attitude of gratitude brings altitude” and lifts our consciousness.  We can get so focused on problems—personal and global—that we forget about all the wonderful things in our lives and in the world. I found that just listing what I was grateful for made me suddenly feel happier. Research shows that just a few minutes of feeling gratitude can calm the nervous system as it creates a resonant state in which the rhythms of the heart, breathing, blood pressure and brain are synchronized. Here is my prayer—what is yours?

Thank you God for everything!

For the gift of life itself and health and well-being,

For the love and support of my friends and family,

For the kindness of strangers,

For the natural beauty I see all around me--mountains, rivers, trees,

For the spiritual wisdom I’ve gained from many teachers and books,

For the courage of social activists protecting our rights and our environment,

For the laughter of children reminding me to play more often,

For the strength I’ve gained from difficulties and hardships,

For the opportunities I’ve had to serve and make the world a better place.

Now experience a healing energy returning to you from nature...blessing you...energizing you...

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