Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Bubble: I Think I've Been Hit By Racism!

I had almost wanted to write this post yesterday but thankfully with rationality, I'd realised it's best to keep till my thoughts have calmed. Yes, comparatively my thoughts and emotions have calmed since yesterday's incident but having to use the word 'racism' does make me want to boil again.

It was just a usual day out to the shops for some groceries and food. But because Nick had ran out passport-size photographs and needs one urgently, like any dutiful mother I thought I'd just popped into the photo-print shop to get some reprint.

Unassumingly I walked into the empty shop, stood at the counter as one of the shop assistant stood up and looked at me (*with a long face*) while the other busily chats over her mobile. I thought she would attend to me immediately but instead she just took her time coming over to the counter. Even when she had reached the counter, she proceeded to attend to other stuff ignoring my request for a reprint. Her coldness and silence is like a deafening instruction for me to bring my business elsewhere.

I don't know why I persisted and remained so patient despite her prolonged incommunicado. Anyhow I only started to feel the boil after a Malay coupled walked up to the counter. Immediately she called out to her assistant to attend to them and even directed her to where the couple's photos were kept. The couple paid and were out of the shop even before she accepted my CD. By then, I've already spent almost 10 minutes standing in-front of her. Gosh, I can't help but felt being hit hard by racism.

The reprint came to only RM11 and I paid with a RM50 note. She requested for small change which I politely told I have not. She insisted again almost to a rebuke for smaller change. I told her I will pay her when I return to pick up the photos that will be ready in 15 minutes' time. What stupidity!!! She insisted on keeping my RM50 and request I pay the RM11 when I return later. At that point, I was close to boiling over but I kept my cool.

Sternly, I told her to give me back the note so that I can go and buy other stuff to break it into smaller change. Reluctantly she gave back and shot at me to pay when I return later. Honestly, I hope I've done enough to piss her off by saying "It's only RM11, I won't be running away with it!" Imagine if this is her behavior during Ramadan, I don't think I want to cross path with her during the other months of the year.

When I returned to collect the photos, again she purposely took a slow 5 minutes to attend to other stuff before accepting my payment which I had left right in-front of her face. Mind you, during my whole experience, there were no other customers except that Malay couple that came and left quickly.

On hindsight, why did I even bother to give her the pleasure of my business? I should have just walk off and take my business elsewhere. I don't think there's any other photo-print in my neighborhood but I wouldn't have mind to drive all the way to Subang Jaya. At least, my business would have been welcomed and there's no RACISM!!!

Anyway, despite it all I am thankful I was able to endure with as much patience I can muster and I pray that she'll see the images of her own ugliness someday.


2 Bubbles:

oh wow, that was so biased of them. but i applaud you for your witty "if this is her behavior in Ramadan, i don't think i want to cross paths with her..."

well, these are just some of the challenges of living in a global community. i just hope we get over these things and have the forgiving heart. God bless Wenny!

Hi hi hi Nico! How are you doing? Thanks for the encouragement. Was just trying to throw out the toxic vibes inside.