Monday, August 15, 2011

My Bubble: The Strength Of A Friend Inspires Me!

I visited a long-time friend yesterday. She had just undergone a surgery to remove 3 lumps in her left breast ... it was confirmed that she had breast cancer. It was shocking when I first received the news a few days' earlier through another old friend.

I wanted to visit her earlier but thought I'd hold back a few days so that she could settle in back home. She had just been discharged that day. Moreover I was also kind of in a little bind and the few days could do me good to help braced myself. I guess indirectly I had to come to terms with the news too. It is the dreaded C and it is actually hitting very close to home, considering we have known each other for a decade.

I wasn't sure how I should react or carry my conversation when with her. What is practical to observe ... how sensitive would be the situation ... it all worked aimlessly in head for a day before I could bring myself to call her. When she picked up my call, she truly surprised me! There was no indication of anything amiss. She was in fact as cheerie if not more than she's normally been. I don't wish to sound selfish but it gave me the confidence that everything will be alright when I visit her soon.

Another friend and I chatted with her for about an hour or so. She has come to term with the affliction and her outlook seemed very positive. In fact, she even joke and offered us some important health advice too. As long as I've known her, she had always been a strong and rational character. She is currently waiting for the pathology report and most likely would be requiring chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I am glad she is handling everything very well and so does her husband and family.

I am grateful that everything is progressing well for her and I pray that she will recover from this whole ordeal stronger and better. Her strength in facing her predicament certainly inspires me.


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