Friday, August 5, 2011

A Note Of Awareness #5

The law of attraction is already working in your life whether you realize it or not!

Test it for yourself and observe the proofs of your own deliberate creation. If your are experiencing lack when you are seeking abundance, look first at your thoughts. Are they positive? Have you unwittingly created blockages for yourself? If so, remove them as soon as possible.
Create the space in your mind and allow positive thoughts of whatever you want to fill it. Start from the littlest of things to the biggest. As your powerful intentions becomes energized by your belief, see how your wants are being attracted into your life.


4 Bubbles:

Hi Wenny. I'm here as promised, and find some fascinating posts. Thought I'd comment on this one as I have as story to tell.

In 1997 I blogged about my dream to live by the sea with a dog. It was difficult to sell my house at the time as it was the start of the credit crunch. But I continued to think myself into my dream and two years later moved to a new house les than a half hour walk to the beach. Another two years went by and I now have my lovable puppy to share my walks and grow old with me. I know that sometimes you need patience, but if you stay positive, you can realise your dreams.

thank you very much for information !

Hi Jakill, I'm glad to hear that the law of attraction has worked for you so beautifully. Yes, patience and faith are important to realize our dreams.

Thank you so much for dropping by. Hope to hear more from you on this powerful law of the universe.

You're most welcomed, Everyth1ng.