Thursday, September 22, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Give Freely To Receive Generously

Mentioned about the law of attraction and every thought will be channeled towards abundance no doubt but many translate abundance into the monetary sense. Undeniably true because just like them, seeking wealth had been the beginning of my story with the law of attraction.

It has been more than 3 years since my first brush with ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and I have been practising positive thinking since, reading and doing everything that I am supposed to do. But yet, why have I not won the Toto jackpot? I buy the numbers diligently and I truly believe that my day will come but the day still hasn’t come. Perhaps, it has not been receiving my intense focus and emotions. There had been times I came close when I paid a little more attention but often times, I gave very little importance to it. Am I robbing myself of a life changing phenomenon?

I’d like to think not because as we delve and learn more about the law of attraction, we will realised that abundance is not prioritized by the dollars and cents. It is more about building a belief system in ourselves to create an abundance in us that can never be quantify by dollars and cents. We turned our focus to nurturing our mind and emotions to be completely satisfied and celebrate the prosperity that already exist in our life. Growing this belief system, we unlock the fullness of our gratitude to bring us into harmony with the Universe.

When we become aligned with the Universe, we are not only in harmony with ourselves but with others around us. Being in harmony with the Universe, we release all our resistance to abundance. Abundance being a natural state of affairs in the Universe, it will orchestrate everything in perfect order to deliver more abundance to us. The Universe delivers what is best for us as it deemed fit.

As it turned out, monetary abundance has taken a back seat for quite awhile now as compared to when I first started my journey with the law of attraction. Self-discovery led to changed priorities and I trust today I exude passion, purpose and prosperity. My belief system has grown and I feel gratitude for the abundances that I’ve received through everyone, everything and every experience that touched my life. As I enjoy my abundance now and the Universe has directed me onto my next level to receive monetary freedom. To achieve monetary freedom is all about sharing my abundance and what better way than through acts of kindness such as gifting opportunity.

Studying the law attraction, it teaches us that performing acts of kindness can quickly change our life. All happy, successful and prosperous people gave freely before they received generously.

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i want to ask you
in islam it says give money to others and you will have more money

it also say that if you ask people for money you will become poorer (have less money)
is this true

Hi there Raspal,

I'm not a Muslim and as such, I'm not in a position to comment about what's taught in Islam. What I can say is that all religion teaches us to be generous and forgiving.

As far as the law of attraction is concern, to give freely is to give generously without feeling any loss or lack. We can feel an abundance of love overwhelmed us when we give freely without any expectation. In return, we are rewarded for our pureness of heart. I believe one good example would be Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei who is a generous person and loved by his people.

However, when we give or donate followed by the pangs of losing or becoming lack of those $$$, of course the law of attraction is motion to return exactly what we think and feel.