Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Bubble: It's A Relief!

My late Dad suffered a stroke when I was still in my primary school days. He had diabetes and high-blood pressure but he loved the bottle much more. Once in his drunken stupor, he fell and created a big hole in the wall. In the end, he was bedridden for more than 10 years with my Mom dutifully taking care of him till the end. Years later, my late Mom suffered from increased senility and succumbed to stomach cancer at the age of 80.

This is the medical history of my family and each of my siblings has already made it onto the high-risk list including myself! I've got high cholesterol and I'm diabetic. So imagine how alarmed I've been eversince one of my previous blood test showed an above normal reading for one of the cancers markers. My CA 19-9 was somewhat above the recommended range.

Finally, I did a colonoscopy today and to my relief, the doctor said that my colons are fine except for a small inflammation somewhere near my stomach. The doctor prescribed 2 type of antibiotics and I will have to see him again next week.

Colonoscopy ... this is how part of my digestive system looks like!

It was indeed a long day. I had fasted for longer than the required 12 hours period prior to the procedure and before the procedure could be done, I had to flush my bowel with the given laxative preparation. All in all, I think I went to the loo 10 times before I underwent the procedure.

Anyway whatever the length of wait I had been through, it was well worth the relief I'm feeling right now!

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