Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Bubble: Tastes of Taiwan ~ Day #2

On our Day #2 in Taiwan, our stomach just effortlessly made space after space to accommodate the variety of sumptuousness as we made our way from Taipei to Taichung. We took the bullet train from Taipei Station, arriving less than an hour later at our next destination for lo kong's first marathon in the 3rd developed economies of the Four Asian Tigers.

Our night's stay at the 3-star Chair Man Hotel in Taipei was only passable with an errie sense as our room on the 6th floor was right at the fire escape. It may be a plus point to give us a family room with 2 queen-size bed in it but doesn't make much sense when there's only 2 of us. Uncle Chew was also provided with the same family room directly one floor below ours. I couldn't sleep well that night with the odd feeling inside.

Our room at RM180 per night came with breakfast. We checked out immediately after a quick chow-down and rushed for our second breakfast within the next 15 minutes at the King Seas Soya Milk, behind the Taipei Train Station.  Before I forget to mention, it was raining!

Upon arrival at our next destination, we checked into Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park, a modern hotel housed inside the Sunshine Plaza shopping mall, right in the heart of Taichung. It was a 20-minute taxi ride from the High Speed Rail Taichung Station. Our RM238 per night room came with complimentary breakfast and wireless Internet which we didn't have time to take advantage of except for Aunty Elaine who had not followed us to the Freeway Marathon.

Collection of the marathon race kit was on-site at the new No. 4 Freeway which even a Taiwanese taxi driver could not find. After several calls to the organiser with the help from the hotel front-office who then explained to the taxi driver, we made it to the running site which was pretty near the hotel. We made arrangement with the taxi driver to wait for us as we collected the race kits in case we can't get another taxi back. We also made arrangement for the same taxi driver to pick us up the next morning for the run just to avoid the whole hassle of finding the place again!

The rest of the day and night ... see for yourself!

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You're living the life wenny! Have fun and be safe! :)

Thank you so much Roma. Life's really wonderful and I never thought it'd be better than what I've ever dreamed of. I credit these all to the Lord's blessings through one of his natural law of the Universe ... law of attraction!