Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random Bubbles ... Tastes of Taiwan ~ Day #4

It was New Year's Day on our 4th day in Taiwan and the second night in its second largest city, Kaohsiung which Aunty Elaine incidentally found out was formerly known as "打狗 Dǎgǒu" which literally means "beat the dog!" Drawn by this unusual name, I even bought their specialty biscuit "打狗 Dǎgǒu" biscuit. Catch this touching story of how this particular biscuit was conceived by a grieving mom in honor of her late son's wishes.

If you do not understand Mandarin, I believe just by reading the supporting translation and her poem could as easily brought tears to your eyes.

Lo Kong and Uncle Chew completed the Jong-liao-shan New Year Marathon in the morning. It was held some 45 minutes away from Kaohsiung and it was long wait for me under a surprisingly blazing sun! Both completed their respective marathon in 6 hours with lo kong suffering from a swollen feet. He still hasn't fully recovered yet to-date and he's due to run the Standard Chartered HongKong Marathon this coming weekend! He really does deserved to be called a Marathon Maniac!!

After some rest at our rundown hotel, we headed to 旗津 Cijin Island which is renowned for its seafood street. We took a 10-15 minutes ferry ride from Gushan Ferry Pier. Although we weren't much into any other local attractions, the island does offer a nice clean beach as well as the Seashore Park, Windpower Park, Cihou Lighthouse, Tianhou Temple and the YM Museum of Maritime Exploration. Aunty Elaine treated us to a hearty live seafood dinner as a reward for a job well-done to the two marathoners. Yummy!!!

We checked out the night market there after dinner before heading back to town to visit the Liuhe Night Market for a second time ... this time with lo kong in tow. Dinner wasn't really digested yet but we still embarked on another "jalan-jalan cari makan!" to chowdown among others ...

their ultra popular 'Black Pepper Pork Bun'
piping hot 'Siew Long Pau'
gloriously inviting 'Braised Pork Trotters'
freshly prepared 'Candied Sweet Potatoes & Taro Cubes'
the plentiful 'Grilled Prawns & Crabs too!'
their unique 'Oh-Chien' 
~ Oyster Omelette that comes with veggie in it!

Gosh! It was so unfortunate that amidst all the food tasting, we missed this popular must-have favorite!

We actually missed their famous 'Coffin Bread!'

2 Bubbles:

I'm craving that pork bun now! Must be time doe lunch.

Hahaha!!! You can improvise with a black pepper ham sandwich ... and I think that's even healthier!