Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Poem: I Will Try!

A poem written during a healing time when I begin to realize that achieving my balance is an important step towards living a constructive life. Everyday there will be right and wrong, virtue or vile, darkness and light but with every lack if I am fulfilled with gratitude, I know I have achieved a balance in me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Affirmation: I Am Happy!!!

Why not?! I am retired. I am a full-time blogger. I am a frequent traveller. I am enjoying every moment of my life. I should be happy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Bubbles ...

I am Happy!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Shinjuku New City Hotel ...
our humble abode in Tokyo
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!
I'm in Tokyo now!

It is almost end of February and it is also almost end of winter here in Japan.  This is supposed to be a good time to visit but the cold weather is still quite erratic. Not that I mind actually since I love the cold plus I've suffered even colder temperature when I was in Beijing. Anyhow, I am grateful to be here. Domo!

This week I am expressing my random gratitude in the Land of the Rising Sun. Gratitude can make a huge difference in our outlook towards life as well as how others perceive us. Living with an attitude of thankfulness is to consistently allowing positive experiences to come into our life, even in the most challenging situations.

1. I am grateful that I have the good opportunity to travel!
2. I am grateful that there is Air Asia ... Now everyone can fly!
3. I am grateful that I have retired ... I can travel anytime!
4. I am grateful that I am considerably healthy ... I get to enjoy my travels.
5. I am grateful for my lo kong who loves me very much and the perfect 'partner-in-crime' as we make our escapes from the daily grinds through our travels.
6. I am grateful for my son who is holding the fort back in Malaysia.

Gratitude is important for one’s well-being. If we are grateful for all the positive things that we see around us, we will undoubtedly have a fulfilling and happy day. In fact, most religions encourage gratitude. In Buddhism for example which is one of the two major religions here in Japan, gratitude is said to be a hallmark of humanity.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Law Of Attraction: Unlocking Your Happy Life

Whether you want to live a long life or if you only care for an opportunity to live a short one ... either way, it is your own responsibility to make it a happy life!

Marvin Gaye sang "DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!" Well, he may be right or he may be wrong. How you are going to achieve that happiness is entirely a choice of your own. Everyone is raised under differing backgrounds, culture and religion. Your differing passions, expectations and life's experiences also influence your definition of what happiness is to you.

No doubt wealth makes a lot of difference in the happy life you seek but not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. It is not uncommon for those who have less to achieve happiness. Bearing this in mind, I do believe there is a common ground somewhere for everyone to achieve happiness somehow. From my simplest perspective, I believe the following simple keys can help lead the majority onto the path towards it:-

Love – Love is free, sang Sheryl Crow. What makes you happy is love coming from inside you. God teach us to love one another. So why not be generous with your unconditional love. If you are generous with your love, everyone will love you back. You will never be alone if you are generous. Your generosity will open all the doors.

Health – You are what you eat. Good health is a key to happiness and therefore, it is important that you maintain a healthy mind and body through reasonable eating habits and diets, plenty of physical activities and rests.

Friendship – They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendship plays a major role in everyone’s life. Having a few good friends is a blessing. Spend time with your friends while making new ones too. It is not only fun but can be good for your well-being too!

Hobbies – Having a hobby can boost your passion, creativity, pleasure, accomplishments and subsequently your self-esteem. Hobbies help to increase your mental health. Pick up a passion, an activity you love very much and you’ll notice time suddenly came to stand still.

Faith – Faith is what you believe in and it is very personal. When your faith is placed in something worthy like some form of spiritual guidance, it can be a very good thing. You’ll live without fear to find solace and an inner peace when your faith is deeply rooted.

Charity – If you think when you are doing something good for others it must be good charity, then you are wrong. There’s a difference between doing charity to make a difference and doing charity to feel good about you. If you can combine the two, only then can you truly feel the joys of reaching out to those in need of your random acts of kindness.

Moderation – Leading a life in moderation means to achieve a balance in life. Knowing where to stop and when is enough is to create balance as overdoing may lead you away from the joys that you started with. The secret to a happy and abundant life is moderation in all the things.

Gratitude – This is a powerful contributor to lead a happy life. Savor every moment here and now and be grateful when you looked back what you have experienced. People who take their time to notice and appreciate the good things that come their way are happier and contented.

The law of attraction says "like attracts like" and you will receive more of it depending what you choose to attract into your life. Whatever life throws at you, they are mere manifestations from your inner consciousness. You can choose to go through life just sitting by the sidelines or you can get up and play along with life’s game the way you desire. Whichever option, you decide!

If you choose to follow at least some of these simple keys, over time they will become positive and life-changing habits that bring more happiness, joy and peace into your life. Remember, happiness is by choice … yours!

Copyright © Wenny Yap 2012 All Rights Reserved. This article may be reproduced with my written consent, provided my name and link remain intact.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Note Of Awareness #34

The law of attraction helps you to create the good things in life. It helps you create the abundant life, excellent health and loving relationships you duly deserved.

You were born into this Universe with the power to do what you want, have what you want and be who you were destined to be. Like attracts like, whatever it is you give focus, attention or energy to, you can attract them into your life.

Get off the next exit!

You can start expecting the good things to flow into your life by first unlocking yourself to live a happy life. To be happy is to be positive. When you are positive, you are sending a message to the Universe that you have a wealth of happiness and more will be delivered to you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Poem: In The Mirror

I feel so blessed, I feel so grateful and I love my life. I wrote this poem in celebration of the person who is my confidante, my best friend ... MYSELF! To find peace and happiness in life, first we must be at peace with ourselves.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Affirmation: I Can Travel Whenever

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel. It is such a wonderful experience to see new places or even to revisit previous destinations.  I am so happy that I will be travelling again this week ... this time it's Tokyo!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Bubbles ...

Avenue of Stars Revisited ...
don't mind the hair, wind was so strong!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Hey! I just realized that this week has certainly zoomed by with extreme speed. It seemed like only yesterday lo kong and I was enjoying a relaxing weekend watching Johnny English at home. In a blink of an eye, today is another weekend.

Well, it's still the best part of the week and there's simply nothing to gripe about but enjoy another relaxing 2 days in gratitude. Live in gratitude is my motto in life because gratitude should be a way of life. It is challenging but if you can truly look at life and everything in it with a sense of pride and appreciation, you are more likely to be content, sometimes blissful and attract more of the same to you in the future.

Checking into my world of gratitude, let me share my list of random thankfulness in no particular order. Who knows, it might just trigger the same kind of thoughts and feelings in you too ... I hope!

1. I am grateful that I am a loafer ... in the positive sense. I am so into my retirement, doing things at my own pace, space and race ... bumming off lo kong of course!

2. I am grateful for all the listeners who spared their valuable time to read my blog and to engage with me over the social networks.

3. I am grateful for the number of assignments completed this week and those that will be coming next week ... I am grateful for the $$$ that they have added to my pockets.

4. I am grateful that all is well within ... my mind, body and spirit.

5. I am grateful for the new washing machine at home ... our clothes are cleaner with lesser water wastage.

Image courtesy of

"If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, 
if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, 
rejoice for your soul is alive." 
~ Eleonora Duse ~

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Bubble: Dim Sum Under Our Noses!

On our first trip to Hong Kong, lo kong and I stayed in Yau Ma Tei. On our second trip, we stayed in Causeway Bay. This time round, we decided to stay as near as possible to the starting line of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathan ... Tsim Sha Tsui. In fact, it was really a great choice as our guesthouse was facing the waiting zone to the start of the marathon. It was fantastic as I get to return to my room immediately after flag off, played a little Sudoku to kill some time before heading out again to the finish line at Causeway Bay.

Golden Crown Guest House a.k.a Wonderful Inn

Walking about the Tsim Sha Tsui area, we had earlier noticed a couple of dim sum outlets but our minds were already set on trying the famous one in Mongkok. Not until on the eve of our departure, lo kong suddenly craved for another round of dim sum for breakfast.

Next morning we decided to try the dim sum outlet nearest to Golden Crown Guest House. Located just diagonally across from the Kowloon Mosque & Islamic Center on Nathan Road, it has a very simple name called "Very Good Seafood Restaurant" although it looked like an expensive Chinese restaurant. We descended down a flight of stairs as the restaurant was located on the basement. The ambience was good with equally standard of service. There weren't many customers but those present were simply enjoying their dim sum at very laid back pace.

We were not disappointed to finish off our latest trip to Hong Kong with a dim sum breakfast at this restaurant either. The food was excellent and surprisingly equally as good as Tim Ho Wan in Mongkok, except for their lack of variety.

With such a classier and comfortable restaurant to enjoy dim sum right under noses all these while, it would be insane if we ever queue up for 2 hours just to eat dim sum again!

Law Of Attraction: Do You Believe In Magic?

We hear a lot about the Law of Attraction these days but what is it, how long have people known about it and what use is it to you and me?

These are all good questions, I am glad you asked. The Law of Attraction, sometimes called the Law of Intent or the Law of Mind, is a natural, universal law. Basically is says that whatever dominant thoughts we hold in our minds must, sooner or latter, manifest in our lives. The law is as old as time, like all natural laws it came into being at the beginning of the universe, with the big bang. What use is it to you? That's entirely up to you. If you learn how to use this law properly it can bring you everything you desire.

So is the Law of Attraction magic? Well, yes and no. It really depends on how you use the word 'magic'. Most Law of Attraction gurus would say "no, the Law of Attraction is not magic, it is a natural law". I would say that their answer indicates that they don't know what magic is, they don't know what the word means. There are lots of natural laws, the Law of Gravity, Boyles Law, The Second Law of Thermodynamics and The Law of Attraction being just a few. A much older name of The Law of Attraction is 'magic', sometimes spelt 'magick' to distinguish it from stage magic. Aleister Crowley defined magic as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will". That would also be a very good definition of the Law of Attraction if you ask me.

So you can call it Magic, the Law of Attraction, spell casting, praying or whatever you like but how does it work? Well there seems to be two quite different things going on here. The first explanation, which may possibly account for part of the success people are achieving with this process may have to to with quantum physics. I say "may" because we don't really know. This is cutting edge stuff and the scientific jury is still out. What we do know for certain is at the smallest subatomic level, what scientists call the Planck Scale, particles of subatomic matter can be in several places at once. Strange but true.

And what is even stranger is that they don't seem to decide on which one of those places to be until they are observed, then they snap into place. Scientists call this the collapse of the wave field. Ok, so very small particles are affected by observation which leads us logically to suppose that the aspect of observation which is controlling matter at the Planck Scale, is mind. So have scientists finally proved mind over matter to be a fact? Well scientists tend to be a very conservative bunch and, as I say, the jury is still out. To learn more about this I strongly recommend you watch the DVD What The Bleep Do We Know?

The second mechanism by which magic works is a lot more mundane. Whether we say a prayer, cast a spell or say a Law of Attraction affirmation what we are really doing is stating an intention. Our own subconscious mind will then take that intention and, just like an onboard computer on an aeroplane, it will take us there. But that's not magic you say, that's psychology. My friend, magic has always just been psychology. Magic is the earliest form of applied, practical psychology. Witches, and before them Druids, and before them who knows who, were the earliest physiologists, long before Freud and his palls reinvented the wheel and made it all 'respectable'. We can be or do or have whatever we want. We just need to believe we can, to give ourselves permission. Society has brainwashed us since birth to believe we can't. So all the wand waving and other paraphernalia of the occult are just psychological tricks to make us believe we can. And when we believe we can, we give ourselves permission and we can. We always could, we just needed reminding. We just needed to believe again.

At the time of writing, everybody is raving about the hit DVD "The Secret". Get a copy, watch it, its brilliant! People say there is nothing new in it. They say it just teaches the Law of Attraction which has been known and practiced in a myriad of different forms for many thousands of years. All true but The Secret does one very special thing. It peels away all the mystery, all the occult overtones, and presents the Law of Attraction in a very clean, modern, no frills way. You don't need to wear special robes, burn incense, light candles, wave wands. You just see it done and FEEL it done, and it is.

Of course advanced occultists have know for thousands of years that you just see it done and FEEL it done, and it is but now you know it too. This knowledge has been hidden ('occult' simply means 'hidden') for far too long. Along the timeline great people have come forward to give the Law of Attraction back to the people. Great figures like the Buddha, Jesus, K'ung-fu-tzu (Confucius) and many others tried to make this stuff plain knowledge. But the rich and powerful institutions of the world don't want you to have this knowledge. They want to keep it to themselves, secret, hidden, occult. They have always needed to have an underclass of cheap labour to work their land, and more recently their factories. So they frightened people by saying that magic was evil, the work of the Devil (which they conveniently invented for the purpose). When that didn't work they resorted to torture and mass murder, remember the Burning Times, the inquisition? How could people have ever been so cruel, so wicked?

Well today, burning witches is no longer politically correct thank goodness, so there is a new tactic, debunking. They want you to believe that its all superstition, that there never were any real witches, that magic is for children. Look at the way the subject is dealt with in children's fiction. Well I can assure you that magic is very real and that witches are very real, as real today as they have ever been. But you don't have to spend years studying witchcraft or Wicca in order to master the Law of Attraction. If you do want to that's fine. Learning Wicca will give you a lot of very powerful tools to help you make the Law of Attraction work better and faster. But that path does not appeal to everyone and you certainly do not need to go down that road.

Having everything you want is yours by right. It is your birthright. The simplest way to lean how to do this quickly is to get a copy of The Secret and watch it. However, while you are waiting for your copy to arrive in the post, read the following pages. I will try and set out some of the basics for you here to get you started on this fascinating and highly profitable road.

Have a great life, you deserve it!

Author's Bio: Jack Cox is a Law of Attraction Coach helping people worldwide, mostly by email. There is a lot of really good free information on Jack’s website and he also puts out a very informative newsletter. Full details are available at

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Note Of Awareness #33

Do you believe in magic? There are many law of attraction practitioners who have to equate the results of their manifestation to magic. Is the law of attraction truly magic?

You will be surprised to find that there are huge similarities between the two. While a magician is at his tricks, he places a strong focus and strong visualization on what he wants to happen. Likewise, when you are practising the law of attraction, you will also place a strong focus and strong visualization on what you want to manifest into your life. So now you know that both magic and the law of attraction share the same basic principle which is “Focus” and “Visualization”.

Irrespective of what magic means to you, having everything you want in life is your birthright and it needs your focus and visualization to make them happen!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Poem: Around The Sun

I had written this poem as I began to embrace the changes that were passing through my life at that point of time. It was a wonderful enlightenment and till today, the wonders of change never ceased to amaze me. It only continues to make me stronger in accepting the Universe's wisdom in every form.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Bubble: The Hunt For Dim Sum!

Way before we arrived in HongKong, lo kong was already looking forward to having dim sum. He had scoured the net for the nearest popular dim sum outlet to our hotel and voila! First thing the next morning of our arrival, we were already heading towards Mongkok.

The dim sum outlet, Tim Ho Wan is located at 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok, Kowloon. This is the original restaurant aside from 2 other outlets in other parts of HongKong. What seemed like a simple direction to place ended with us walking in circles looking for the place. Anyway, this one-starred Michelin restaurant that serves fresh steaming dim sum in many varieties is located just behind the Kwong Wa Hospital.

Lo kong had read that we will need to take a queue number before we can be seated and there is normally a long queue outside the outlet. When we arrived, I wouldn't exactly call what I saw a long queue but a big crowd. Imagine I had complained about the 6am crowd at Foh San Ipoh recently ... this was worst and it was all day long! Lo kong was given the number 69 and told to return 2 hours later. It was already 11.30am and what was supposed to be our breakfast is going to be our lunch!

We finally returned to the restaurant in almost 2 hours to face a persistent crowd. We still had to wait some half-hour to be seated and meanwhile we were given an order list to make our dim sum selection.  When we were finally let in, we had to share tables with others. We had to sit side by side as both of us had to share on 2 separate tables. The place was so cramped and crowded, it was not comfortable at all to truly enjoy our dim sum especially with strangers staring straight in your face.  Lucky thing, the delicious food made up for the discomfort and the price very reasonable.

Unlike the 3 girls from mainland China that I shared the table with, we only ordered selectively in order not to overeat.  As these girls struggled and stuffed themselves with the continuous flow of dishes coming to them, I figured they must have ordered everything on the menu!  Here's a little teaser of what you can expect at Tim Ho Wan.

Affirmation: I Love Myself ... I Love My Life!

Everything is moving along satisfactory ... I am just enjoying every moment of my retired life! I am so blessed and I open myself with a grateful heart!

This is my affirmation for the week ...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Bubbles ...

Virus or not, thankfully I can still enjoy my dim sum ...
@ Very Good Seafood Restaurant, Nathan Road, HongKong

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

The time is here! Another session of reflection and this is the best part of the week. A time spent reflecting and being appreciative of everyone and everything revolving in and out of my life makes a nice feeling. Gratitude creates happy thoughts and it makes a whole lot of sense of my existence from day to day.

Let me bore you with my list of gratitude this week;

1. I am grateful for yesterday, TODAY and my positive anticipation for tomorrow.
2. I am grateful that lo kong completed his marathon successfully in Hong Kong last weekend.
3. I am grateful for the recent plentiful trip to Hong Kong ... very satisfying!
4. I am grateful that my flu is getting better, thanks to the heavier dose of medication from the doctor.
5. I am grateful that my airline booking to the City of Lights has finally been confirmed on MAS since the original carrier Air Asia has suspended their route.
6. I am grateful for the new washing machine in my kitchen ... the type that I had always wanted after 25 years in waiting!

You can start anytime!

Simply cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” can do so many things to improve the overall quality of life. There are greater happiness and satisfaction. Optimism prevails with less anxieties or none at all that helps to improved our physical and mental well-beings. Not to be forgotten, it adds quality to relationships too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Law Of Attraction: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Time, effort and devotion are what you will need to master any skill. It is exactly the same if you ever want to the master the use of the law of attraction. You do not worry about the deadlines or how much work you have to put in but just take one step at a time until you’re completely at ease with process of attracting anything you want into your life. This natural law from the Universe is very easy to apply in your life but it is equally as easy to misunderstand it!

Many people only learn the basics to the law of attraction and embarked on using this universal law with the hope that the Universe will conspire with them to bring about all that they want into reality. It is not entirely impossible if you are doing everything right the first time. But the truth is there are several common mistakes encountered by most people who are learning to use the law of attraction because they do not have a complete understanding of it. There are a number of factors that can cause this universal law to behave in ways that they may not have expected. These confusions and distractions will subsequently give them results completely opposite of what they actually want.

Fortunately, there are many success stories out there to give proof that the law of attraction is workable as long as you are able to follow the guidelines required. If you are one of those who are faced with certain level of difficulties in manifesting your desires, then it will be worthwhile that you read on and identify where corrections may be a necessity.

>Lack of Faith: The law of attraction works with faith. If you don’t believe it will happen then it will never happen. On the other hand, if you believe but still harbor some doubt then you are still holding on to the negative energies that make it difficult for you to manifest what you want.

>A Limiting Belief: Practicing positive thinking is more than just a recitation of positive words and phrases to keep you motivated. They must be accompanied by your true feelings. You need to believe in what you are affirming to yourself. Changes start only when you start to believe in what you are telling yourself.

>Lack of Clarity: In order to get what you want, you will first need to know exactly what you want. The majority of people need many things and they need it now! That’s where they lose the clarity of their intentions. Clarity sends out a nice positive vibration and the law of attraction responds to it. So be focus and concentrate on one intention at a time.

>Lack of Patience: It is important to understand that the Universe works at its own speed. It has to orchestrate everyone and everything into the right order for the appropriate event to occur just as it should. If you put a time-frame on your efforts, you will eventually become impatient with the Universe and sent out negative energies that hinders your attraction abilities.

>Lack of Gratitude: Gratitude is an important component to making the law of attraction works. When you are not grateful for whatever you already have in your life, you are vibrating those unwanted negative energies to the Universe. Get shifted to an appreciative attitude and learn to receive with a grateful heart. Else you will find the Universe can be equally less generous in return.

>Your Interference: The Universe is always at hand to assist you but it is not something you can command. This means you cannot expect things to happen exactly the way you want it to be. When you dictate how your desire should be manifested, you inadvertently interfere with other available avenues for your desire to enter your life. For the law of attraction to work, you just need to ask and allow the Universe to do its job.

When you decided to use the law of attraction to make positive changes in your life, you have accepted the responsibility to drive your life towards the direction you desire and to make this natural law of the Universe work successfully for you is your commitment to yourself to reach your desired destination.

So hang on tight and know that the bumps along the way are not unavoidable. Just bear in mind that, "Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something." ~ Morihei Ueshiba

Copyright © Wenny Yap 2012 All Rights Reserved. This article may be reproduced with my written consent, provided my name and link remain intact.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Note Of Awareness #32

The Law of Attraction is about clearly defining and stating what you want. The Universe then conspires to help you manifest it. Why this works is based on certain Universal Laws of Creation. As simple as it is, there's also more to it than waving your hand and saying ... "Open sesame!"

While you are focused on what you want, there are some common mistakes that most people make when working with the Law of Attraction. Many people learn only the “basics” of the law of attraction and unknowingly become distracted and confused by mistaken notions that give them results completely opposite of what they desire.

Distracted or Confused??

It is therefore important to get rid of all the distractions around you right away and undo these common mistakes because they can definitely change your life too!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Bubble: Counting My Losses!

Finally I'm back home ... after 5 days gallivanting in HongKong. Since being bitten by the travel bug, I love to travel but I hate the packing and unpacking ... it's so much the spoiler at the prelude or end of any holidays. Despite being very displeased about it, I guess I still have to tell myself to ... "JUST DO IT!"

Lo kong cleared his luggage the moment we reached home yesterday night, leaving his load of dirty laundries for me to wash this morning. As I unpacked my luggage, I somehow realized that I have more new clothes than I have of dirty laundries. WoW!!! Did I really do so much shopping? It certainly didn't feel so when I was there!

Next best thing to do ... just see what are the damages and count my losses! Now let's see ...

1 x Bossini Ladies Winter Jacket
1 x Bossini Long-sleeved Shirt
1 x Hang Ten Ladies Wind-breaker
3 x Giordano T'shirts
5 x Esprit Cotton Blouses
1 x Adidas Running Tights

Missing ones are in the wash!

All the above only totalled HK$1,063 which is only a slightly more than MYR400. Not too bad ... the damage was very very negligible or else, lo kong wouldn't have been encouraging me to buy buy buy!!!

My Poem: Life Refurbished!

I wrote this poem to express my joy and happiness of how life has been turned around for me. From the pain of a suffering past, I have survived to live a deliberate life, filled with twinkling delights.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Affirmation: I Choose The Way To Live!

I am happy the way my retired life has turned out. I know it was an apprehensive choice that turned out to be a good choice ... at least now I get to live a far-fetched life I've never ever thought possible.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Bubbles ...

This was last year ...
I'm back in HongKong today for the same reason!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Bubble: I Am Almost There!

I am almost there ... 100,000 pageviews!!

I may be a tad too late for Red FM's “Oh My @#!* , I’m Going To the Grammys” contest where one lucky listener will be send to experience the excitement and glamour of the 54th Grammy awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 12, I'd still would like to make my thank you speech anyway.

"This is so awesome ... an unimaginable dream come true. It was something that seemed so far-fetch when I first began blogging. I wish to thank my lo kong and my son for their steadfast support on this passion of mine. However, the truth behold!  This achievement can only possible because of you my blog-friends and loyal followers. Without you, this will still be a hibernating dream. A big thanks to you all for making it happen. You have my deepest, heartfelt and humble appreciation ... THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!"

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Why is GRATITUDE so important?

Gratitude is a state of mind where you are appreciative of what you already have and being thankful for it. If you can truly look at your fabulous life with everything in it and be grateful, you are much more likely to be contented and attract more of the same into your life each day.

If this is not a good enough reason, then know that living in gratitude promotes positive mental health. It is impossible to be negative when you are grateful ... you can't feel sad, you aren't critical, you can't be malicious because you are aware of the things that are truly important in your life.

Life is really beautiful but it does come with a condition ... that you take stock every possible moment in your life of the “who, what and how” that make your life abundant. Most people can agree that life isn't so fabulous at times but when you look at the bigger picture, there's probably plenty that you can be grateful for.  So make gratitude a way of life!

Let me share my list of gratitude;

1. I am grateful that I am retired.
2. I am grateful that I am a good writer.
3. I am grateful that I can blog at anytime, anywhere and on anything.
4. I am grateful for the loyal followers and readers to my blog.
5. I am grateful that I'm able to make a difference in other people's life where needed.
6. I am grateful for my family that can sometimes be a little crazy and annoying but I love them anyway.
7. I am grateful that I have become a travelholic ... I dare say I'm now a globetrotter just like Lily Riani!
8. I am grateful that I am enjoying life!

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Bubble: HongKong Re-Visited

In slightly more than 4 hours, I will be touching down in HongKong. This will be my 3rd trip there, the 3rd most frequently visited country outside Malaysia after Singapore and Thailand.

No, please don't get me wrong! I am not complaining but merely perplexed by the thought that I am travelling more than I've ever anticipated. Travelling had been the last of my priority when I was younger. These days I just can't wait to pop my head into a new destination, although some countries definitely do deserve revisits.

My early retirement is indeed a laudable decision. Prior to my withdrawal from the work-force, several friends and former colleagues did question the rationality of my desire to opt for early retirement ... what am I going to do with so much time in my hand?

Back then, my targeted retirement was 45 but achieving it at 46 is probably the perfect timing deemed fit by the Universe. Time??? Frankly, I still don't get enough of it although it is pretty much well spent these days!

No, please don't get me wrong again. I am not bragging but merely thankful how a procrastinated desire year after year turned out to be a wonderful stepping stone to doing things I'd never ever thought of doing before! Today ... I blog, I write, I travel! Today ... I see, I feel, I live!

Image taken from

I will be in HongKong with lo kong for the next 5 days as he will be running in the Standard Chartered HongKong Marathon this Sunday. Although he still hasn't recovered fully from his back-to-back marathon in Taiwan, I do hope he will complete the marathon well within his personal best timing. To my lo kong and his friends who are also running the same marathon ... ALL BEST!!!

As for me ... I am merely taking time to enjoy the best of every moment of my here and there ... wherever!

Law Of Attraction: Your Power To Choose!

Life’s full of choices. Do we always choose the best of the available choices? One choice can lead to another, either taking us down the wrong path or leading us on the path to success. Some may be right, some may be wrong, but what matters most is our awareness that we have the option to change it any time. From the moment we were born, a choice had been chosen for us, but eventually, we will grow out of it and choose our own path in life.

We are confronted with choices everyday. How do we know which choice to choose? Sometimes, we refuse to make a choice out of fear. Sometimes we’re lazy and allow others to make the choice for us. Then sometimes, we just simply make the wrong choices. We know it is not right for us, yet we choose to do it all the same. Whatever it is, we’ve already made a choice!

Nobody said it’s easy. But nobody said it’s hard either. There’s no excuses. It’s our responsibility if we don’t want to let our freedom slip away. We just simply need to be courageous, to stand up for what we know is real and right for us. Or else we’ll just fade into the background and someone else will take responsibility to make those choices for us, either with our consent or against our will. So let’s start taking an active role in choosing the best of life’s choices available to us today.

No one can tell us which is the right or the wrong choice. It’s our prerogative. What should be the priorities in our lives, what would be the consequences and what would be the major differences affecting our lives. Only we will know.

Whatever the choice we’ve made, learn to accept the outcome. If it turned out well, rejoice with appreciation and gratitude. If otherwise, come to terms with it and make a choice to turn it around. Every day, we have the choice to either enjoy life or hate it! It is all in our attitude towards the outcome of our life’s choices. No one can control our attitude. So if we can take charge of our own attitude, everything else in life becomes much easier.

According to the Law of Attraction, when we make a clear choice, it forces us to take a firm action. When we are able to see the effect it is having on our life, we can begin to alter our present conditions so that it flow where and when we want it to. The more energy we direct towards what we want, the stronger we are magnetized to attract our desired results. That’s the power of positive thinking!

The Law of Attractions works! Simply choose to learn its truth and examine how it is already working in our life. Do not underestimate the power of positive thinking as it can lead us to make the choices take will take us onto the path of freedom, happiness and success.

“There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” ~ Denis Waitley

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Note Of Awareness #31

Practising the law of attraction … I know you are asking “where do I start?”

Where do I start?

As with anything you do in your life, remember it always begin with one step at a time. The biggest trap in your life is to be greedy and try everything at once. So is the law of attraction … attract only one thing at a time unless you find that you can attract things to you quite easily. But if you are still a beginner, focus only on one thing. It helps a lot.

I know you have learned all these stuffs about the law of attraction but the key now is to activate your focus … give your attention to only one thing at a time and sticking with it until it becomes a habit and routine. This creates persistence that develops your awareness between positive and negative thoughts. Know that you are making it easier to cultivate your positive mind.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Poem: Slow Me Down

I wrote this poem at a point of time when I began to realise that nothing will ever change towards what I seek unless I am my own impetus ... I'm my own motivator and I'm the change the will make my existence purposeful!