Friday, February 3, 2012

My Bubble: HongKong Re-Visited

In slightly more than 4 hours, I will be touching down in HongKong. This will be my 3rd trip there, the 3rd most frequently visited country outside Malaysia after Singapore and Thailand.

No, please don't get me wrong! I am not complaining but merely perplexed by the thought that I am travelling more than I've ever anticipated. Travelling had been the last of my priority when I was younger. These days I just can't wait to pop my head into a new destination, although some countries definitely do deserve revisits.

My early retirement is indeed a laudable decision. Prior to my withdrawal from the work-force, several friends and former colleagues did question the rationality of my desire to opt for early retirement ... what am I going to do with so much time in my hand?

Back then, my targeted retirement was 45 but achieving it at 46 is probably the perfect timing deemed fit by the Universe. Time??? Frankly, I still don't get enough of it although it is pretty much well spent these days!

No, please don't get me wrong again. I am not bragging but merely thankful how a procrastinated desire year after year turned out to be a wonderful stepping stone to doing things I'd never ever thought of doing before! Today ... I blog, I write, I travel! Today ... I see, I feel, I live!

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I will be in HongKong with lo kong for the next 5 days as he will be running in the Standard Chartered HongKong Marathon this Sunday. Although he still hasn't recovered fully from his back-to-back marathon in Taiwan, I do hope he will complete the marathon well within his personal best timing. To my lo kong and his friends who are also running the same marathon ... ALL BEST!!!

As for me ... I am merely taking time to enjoy the best of every moment of my here and there ... wherever!

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