Friday, March 30, 2012

Law Of Attraction: How Much Trust Do You Have In You?

It may not have occurred to you that discovering the law of attraction which has been in existence for ages could be considered a blessing.  Why won’t you agree?  After all, this natural gift from the Universe opens the door to many discoveries about who you really are, where you are at and want to be, how you got here and how to get from here to where you want to be.  It is a God-given tool that you can use to alter your reality and deliberately create unlimited possibilities for yourself.   Now, is this not a blessing?

Unlimited possibilities sound a little hogwash?  Don’t be too rash to jump to conclusion just yet.

There are so many famous self-improvement experts out there who are constantly reminding you of the untapped power that lies within you.  That you are the only person who can make the necessary changes to reach possibilities that you have not even began to imagine.  How can all this be untrue when they are attracting droves of loyal followers living on this ‘unlimited possibilities’ mantras?  It must have been tested and proven that they are able to get to where they are today … famous, rich and doing the things they are passionate about. 

Interestingly a majority of people are willing to pay to put their trust in these experts to help them make the changes in their life.  They are making the experts rich and famous but the funny thing is that they are actually paying for the power that is already within them.  Don’t they trust themselves enough to make the change? 

If you have discovered the law of attraction, you will know that the first thing you need is to trust yourself.   The most amazing things can happen when you trust yourself 100% all the time.  With that complete trust, you are living without fear, anxieties and discouragement that are the culprits to the doubts in your abilities and potential.  With trust, you will understand what you truly want in life and put your faith in your personal life experiences to tell you what to do.  With trust, you will feel the energy and wisdom from within that inspires you into taking actions.  With trust, you learn to turn mistakes into your advantage.  Everything seemed easier to learn, easier to do and to accomplish.  The truth is that you know yourself better than anyone else and you don’t have to pay the experts for this although you can use their expert advice as a general guide.

Today I do not want to delve into why so much mistrust exists in us but to encourage you to have trust in yourself.  It means to trust your own senses.  Pause and just listen to that voice that’s coming from inside you.  It is your intuition, your gut feeling that stems from your heart.  It is your naturally in-built compass.  As Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said, “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live!”

The law of attraction is all about a belief system and that is your belief in yourself and your belief in the limitless opportunities that the Universe has prepared for you.  Don’t sell yourself short.  You have to believe that you are as deserving as anyone else to the unlimited possibilities waiting for you out there.  Believe that you are a unique individual and your trust in your own gut feeling will direct you on the right direction to live the life that’s best for you!

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