Friday, March 23, 2012

Law Of Attraction: It’s My Life!

“It’s my life; It’s now or never; I ain’t gonna live forever; 
I just wanna live while I’m alive!” 

How often had you sung along to the above chorus from one of Bon Jovi’s top 40 hits released more than a decade ago? I bet you’d sung that a thousand times before but how much did you share Jon Bon Jovi’s sentiment that “It’s my life, and I’m taking control!”

It is not a bad message to get across as in reality everyone pretty much feels the same way from time to time. Everyone can relate to that and I mean from everyone from the teenagers to adults to seniors irrespective your gender. Don’t just sing about it but do something about it. It is time to learn how to take control and improve your life in order to get your life closer to how your want it to be. If you haven’t already realized it yet, you would be happy to know that you already have the power and ability in you. At the same time, nature has also prepared a secret weapon for you which many knows it as the law of attraction. All you need to do now is to harness your power and ability using that weapon and wrest the controls to your life.

Everything that you have in your life starts with a little thought in your mind. According to the law of attraction, you attract what you think about the most irrespective good or bad. The more you focus on it the more you are driven into direct or indirect actions that transform your thought into reality. Does it sound simple?

Think about the things you have now and how they come to exist in your life. Isn’t it true they started from a seed in your mind as a thought? Through your constant thinking and rethinking, you build your desperation to have them and that’s your desire. You simply have to desire something badly to become inspired into action with a determination to find ways to obtain them. This is where nature’s gift of the law of attraction will help you steer and control your behavior and actions efficiently and effectively.

Yes, indeed it’s your life! It stops when you stop living. If you intend to remain in it for the long haul and stay happy each step of the way, you cannot afford to be complacent. Many people are not happy about their life and are too complacent to do anything about it. Everyone is given only one shot at life and heck! You had better make the best out of it and live well.

Assisted by the law of attraction, you can start taking over the controls in your life by first making these evaluations about yourself and your current life;

• Define yourself – Know who you really are including your character and attitudes. Acknowledge what you already in your life including your knowledge that helps you decide and your skills that enable you to act correspondingly. How you define yourself will determine the choices that are most important to you and occupy the most of your time and attention.

• Strengths & Weaknesses – Do you know what your strengths are? Do realize where your weaknesses may lay or areas where you may be ignorant about? Evaluating these will give you some clues to where and when you will need help. Learning from mistakes and developing the right mindset and skills will certainly help you take better control of your life.

• Make The Comparisons – Having a clear sight of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be can generate the energy to propel you into actions. Making comparisons can be a great motivator and it is human nature to compare and compete. There is no harm to compare with someone who is already successful in their own right. Seeing clearly where you lack, you can take actions to acquire similar attitudes, skills and knowledge to better your own life.

• Dare To Act – Procrastination is an evil mindset but it can be broken. You can’t plan forever because there is never the perfect time. Develop an action-oriented mindset and convince yourself that you have enough ideas on what needs to be done and do it! You accept whatever resulted from your actions, learn and improve.

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