Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poetry: Intuition by Mary Ann Harrington


Forget tomorrow, remember today 
Clashing moments, leading us astray 
Engaged in fancies, oft not fulfilled 
Lumbering forward, at an awkward tilt 
Unmatched visions, separate missions 
Discordant rhythms, lumber along 
Wandering here, wondering why 
Disengaged focus distractions abound 
Futile attempts, not on firm ground 
What? We ask, without reply 
When? We question as time goes by 
Who? We muster is in charge 
Where? We search deep in side 
Why? oh why does it seem so hard 
To create symmetry as we move through time 
Fluidity of movement on a single path 
Where questions are answered based on trust 
Being inwardly guided is a must

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