Monday, April 30, 2012

My Bubble: Getting In Tune With Normalcy

Hey there my blog-friends!  I am back and it is certainly great to be back.  It is exactly 2 weeks to the dot since I left my blog space to get my first peek of Europe.

Of course, I did not travel all over Europe ... my pockets wouldn't allow it but I did get to see Paris, London, Manchester and Zurich.  Awesome sights to behold but the weather was a real spoiler though.  Cold and rainy almost throughout our trip there which inadvertently deprived pretty much of my sight-seeing plans.

Lo kong's plans to run the marathons in Paris and Zurich were successful but was unexpectedly challenged by extreme weather conditions from almost zero temperatures to strong winds, freezing rain, blinding sand-storm and painful hailstorm.  It was certainly a 'once in a life-time' experience that will be edged in his memory forever but were the marathons worth all that sufferings?  That you have got to ask him.

If you ask me, I'd certainly say 'NOT!'  I was sharing the same struggles waiting to capture his moment of glory at the finish line.  Almost zero temperatures, cold winds, freezing rain, blinding sand-storm and hailstorm but no medal to compensate ... boo hoo hoo!!!

This will be a short comeback post for now as I am still recovering from the jet lag ... 12 hours flying across 6 time zones!  It's the longest flight I've taken so far.

Stay tune!

4 Bubbles:

I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate, but still exciting to see such places. I don't know if I could handle such a long flight. I need to investigate how long it takes to get to Asia by boat. =)

Hi Rick, it's been awhile and it's great to read your familiar musings. Flying from Washington DC to Kuala Lumpur takes almost 20 hours and why on earth do you want to travel by boat? You have your own yacht?!

LOL, no, no yacht for me. I just don't like the idea of being on a plane for so long--I'd rather be on a boat longer and be able to walk around and do things.

Unfortunately I don't think there's any cruise sailing directly to this part of the world. Unless ... if you don't mind boarding a container ship :)