Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Day With God In My Bubble ...

Good day my blog-friends!  Another brand new day another brand new beginning that was God's gift  for us to spend wisely doing perhaps any of the following:

1.  To share God's call for peace, love and harmony across the world.
2.  To protect and bask in the beautiful splendour of His creation ... Mother Earth.
3.  To make amends from lessons learned from yesterday.
4.  To seek forgiveness from one another including ourselves.
5.  To live our lives to the fullest ... meeting every opportunities and challenges for a fulfilling life.

Live every moment;
Laugh every day;
Love beyond words!

It was Labour Day today here in Malaysia and it was a public holiday for everyone to enjoy a quality time with family and friends.  Let's be thankful to God for a restful and reflective day.

4 Bubbles:

Happy Labour Day!

I have decided I can forgive people, but not let them back into my life to cause more trouble. I'm hoping God understands.

Hahaha Rick ... this is an interesting thought. God is ever forgiving and He certainly knows you well to catch what you mean. I wouldn't worry so much about that!

hayayay rick! Always the funny guy! :)
Happy you had a restful day Wenny! :)

Thanks Roma! It's been lethargy since my return from Paris due to jet lag ... don't know if I should call it a holiday ... it's so tiring and stressful at times. Not to mention some added squabbles with the 'old man' :)