Friday, May 18, 2012

Law Of Attraction: A Balanced Energy For A Balanced Life

All things in the Universe are made up of energy which makes you a form of energy too. Human beings are made up of energies that are in constant communication with one another across the Universe. Yes, you’ve heard this over and over before in your quest to master the law of attraction for a balanced life. Subconsciously, your energy follows whatever is the focus of attention in your thoughts. These thoughts then create your emotions and behavior that will affect your vibrating energy field. Your vibrating energy field autonomously attracts and attaches itself to other energy of the same vibrating frequency like a magnet. This is how you come to understand the concept of ‘like attracts like’.

However, you may wonder why the law of attraction seems to be working for some people but not for you. It is good to take notice since the implication could be due to the state of your unconscious energy field. The key to allow the law of attraction to work effectively is to ensure that this energy field is balanced so that it attracts positive interactions with similar energies. If your vibrating energy field is in a state of imbalance, it will not yield the results that you are anticipating. Any imbalanced energy can create a confusion to your subconscious magnetic frequency which either attracts the wrong frequencies or nothing at all.

On the majority, people will work hard to overcome the obstacles that they are facing in their life. Unconscious to them, their efforts to overcome these obstacles inadvertently attract more of what they do not want. This is because they have placed their entire focus on the obstacles they want to rid which create negative thoughts and negative emotions. The resulting doubts and frustrations will confuse and create an imbalance to their vibrating energy field. As the law of attraction is continually at work all the time, their energies will be attracting and attaching themselves to similar energies.

Since the law of attraction’s manifestation process begins with a single thought in your mind that motivates your emotional function and heightens your vibrating energy field, it is crucial to maintain the clarity of that single thought. It is more important to focus on the end-results rather than the obstacles at hand. Keeping your focus on the bigger picture can invoke rational thinking and in turn motivates strong positive emotions to increase the frequency of your vibrating energy field. In other words, you are steering your subconscious magnetic frequency in the direction that you want.

You are right to use the powerful law of attraction to attract a balanced life. Remember that your desire is all that matters and your priority is to focus on the end-results. Now that you have an idea of what has been hindering your process of manifestation, you may want to take immediate remedial steps to correct your imbalanced energy. You can become more successful once you have shifted your focus to what’s more important at hand.

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