Monday, May 21, 2012

My Bubble: Regrets And Second Chances

"You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one." This quote seems to be making reruns in my mind of late.  Why I asked myself and I think I've found my most logical answer ... I don't think I have moved on as much as I want to have myself believed.

Call it an epiphany or plainly a kick in the butt from someone high high above!

Do you believe in regrets and second chances in life?  I have had my share of life-altering regrets but on reflection I can't deny that life has always chosen to be kinder to me.  Given a chance to go back in time, there are many experiences and achievements that I'd repeat without much hesitation.  Unfortunately, we all know that second chances do not come with the key to a time-travel pod so that we can undo our past.  Second chances are the opportunities for us to move forward with a renewed outlook of the life we have been blessed with provided we make the efforts to learn from our regrets.

As I near the completion of middle-age and enter the 6th decade of my life where everything biological is on the decline, I'd like to accept my waning memory on the positive light.  Forgetfulness allows me to forget many of the hurt, disappointments, anger and hostilities.  No doubt my regrets may be little but they can cause a lot of harm where I intend to go in my life.  If they are keeping me tied down to the last chapter of my life, how can I write a new chapter that will lead me to a more purposeful life?

I realised that I have been given a second chance the moment I stumbled on the law of attraction.  It changed my whole perspective of how I want to live my life.  Frequently, people say that by forgiving we will begin to forget but our memories are not that easy to be wiped clean unless of course we are suffering from amnesia.

So my next question to myself is what can I do with these unfavourable memories then?  Dwell on them and continually move 3 steps forward to be dragged 2 steps back? There's just no point living like this!  All I know is that it sometimes turned me into a temperamental person that I don't even like myself!

So beginning today,  I have decided to make a slight change for myself.  I shall work extra hard to let go of the haunting past and flavour each new day with an  added thankfulness.  I will ready myself for life to amaze and astound me with its delightful surprises.  No past ... good or bad shall hold me back!

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