Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day With God In My Bubble ...

God's words are a source of inspiration and guidance throughout our life. The Bible is no doubt His most infinite book of wisdom, to strengthen us, to encourage us, to uplift us besides teaching us about love and to have hope, compassion and forgiveness.  However, God sometimes chooses to speak to us through other avenues when we have lost or stumbled in our ways.  We will hear Him when we are willing to open our hearts and mind to the messages He's conveying to us.

Today, I received word from the Lord that "sometimes I need to be still. Chasing the things I want can make them move further from reach. I should relax and let events unfold in their own time." I guess the tell-tale signs of tiredness, body-aches and an uninspired mind are the reminders that I should heed His words and take it slow.  Indeed all the travels can become too much of a good thing. It is time to focus on normalcy in order to realign my perspectives.

With God all things are possible and John 1:16, "From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessings after another."  It will be good that we are constantly aware of God's providence and love by expressing our gratitude to Him.

I am nothing without His love.
Thanks be to God ... Amen!

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