Monday, June 18, 2012

A Day With God In My Bubble ...

Today God wanted me to know that He is always there in the midst of the chaos. When everything in life turns upside down, I should remember that I'm in the hands of the Creator. Look to God, and I'll always know which way is up.

Indeed a profound message that I've picked up. Just been to the doctor to check out my nagging backache for the past week. Undue worries is now of the past as it is nothing untoward due to my kidneys but just a muscle pull made worst yesterday due to a prolonged run.

However, I have been troubled lately by my blood glucose (BG) readings that has yo-yo from lows to highs. My diet and exercise to keep my BG under control due to Diabetes T2 is no longer working for me. All the frequent travelling has also turn my controls quite topsy-turvy. This situation has put myself between a rock and a hard place for months on whether to start on the appropriate medication or to continue with my controls through diet and exercise.

I am putting my trust on God as usual. Through Him I know whichever way I decide, He will guide me onto the right direction. I am in God's hand and it's feel good today. I feel so strongly that it is time to start on my medication for a better control of BG ... the doctor has prescribed me with Metformin 500mg at one tablet twice a day.

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