Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Bubble: The Fasting Begins ...

I have just started my 12 hours fasting. Why? Because I am getting prep for my full medical check-up tomorrow morning. My last meal was a bowl of 'tom yum' soup at 7.30 pm and now I am already kinda freaking hungry!

No choice! Can't turn back time and just bear with it ... lol!!

I know it is important to get an annual medical check-up but I've been late. It had been planned for October last year but it was never a right state of body and mind. So the spirit failed to pursue. Then it was planned for January ... delayed to March and finally the body, mind and spirit is ready for it tomorrow!

I won't be drawing blood tomorrow but there's definitely going to be some blood drawn from me though ... don't mind the pun! Then there's going to be 'pee pee' test plus some huffing and panting on the treadmill ... and I heard the less you struggle on it the longer you've gotta endure at it. Geezzz!!!

Jokes aside, I really hope my medical results will not be too unfavorable. With my diabetes, I know I am not in the most pink of health but I do hope it is moderately undesirable and still controllable.

Well, wish me luck for tomorrow!!!

2 Bubbles:

Thank you dear! Just came back ... all immediate results shows I'm good. Just have to wait for the blood test results within the week.