Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Bubble: I Can't Out-run My #1 Enemy!

It has been 6 years since I discovered a most dreaded enemy in my midst.  I can't run away but I could always try to keep myself at least 3 steps ahead.  Indeed, it had been one of the toughest challenge to stay ahead.

Wondering who's this enemy I'm referring to? Yes, I am talking about my diabetes ... an adult-onset condition due to insulin resistance where my cells cannot use insulin properly leaving high levels of glucose in my blood. Medically mine is referred to as Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and oh how lucky me ... it is a hereditary condition that only affects me in the entire family.

It is no fun having diabetes. You can't enjoy the freedom of eating whatever you want, when you want and how you want it. There is always a 'control' tag to remember, else I shall suffer from hyperglycemia when there's a excessive build-up of glucose in my blood. Exercise to rid those blood glucose cannot be compromised either ... means I cannot take it easy and be lazy. However, there cannot be too much vigorous exercise either because of the harmful effects of either hypoglycemia or a worst hyperglycemia.

I realized the multiple complications that diabetes can cause on my vital organs. My eyes, my heart, my kidney ... and since its discovery, I have been controlling my diet and sweating it out as much as possible to keep this enemy at bay. Unfortunately, diabetes is a condition that cannot be cured ... it can only get worst!

After 6 years of controlled diet, weight loss and exercise, I can no longer sustain my advantage. I'm faced with a losing battle ... I can't out-run my enemy any longer. It is now time for me to seek the help of oral medication ... an avenue that I had put off for so many years.

Looks like the battle with my number one enemy is now taken to the next level. No matter how low diabetes is hanging over my head, I shall strive to keep ahead ... through moderation and self-care. I want to enjoy my life!

3 Bubbles:

I think life is short and we do not have much time left. I would suggest that since it is heredity...take it as it's part of you and not restrict yourself if you want to eat or do something that might aggravate the situation. I would suggest that you continue doing what you want to do or eat...but in moderation. At least you get to enjoy them in this lifetime....at least!!

KK tiandi: With full force! Thank you for the motivation.

Anonymous: Appreciate your advice very much. Thank you. I try my best to enjoy food in moderation but life in full force.